The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, August 24

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, August 24


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Tallahassee City Commissioners unanimously approved changes to the Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) Wednesday. While the vote was unanimous, 5-0, Commissioners Jack Porter and Jeremy Matlow raised some concerns about the alterations. Mayor John Dailey, Mayor Pro-Tem Dianne Williams-Cox, and Commissioner Curtis Richardson all supported the changes in full.

TR’s Leon County School Board meeting briefs from the August 22, 2023 meeting are now available.

Tallahassee Police is investigating a fatal hit-and-run from around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday on West Tennessee Street near Nashville Drive. A man was found on the scene and was pronounced dead. Officials say the vehicle involved left the scene before officers could arrive.


From Tuesday night, two men are dead after they were found with gunshot wounds at the 1100 block of Dade Street around 9:30 p.m. One man was dead on the scene and the other died while being transported to an area hospital. The two men who died were 18, and it remains an open and active investigation.


Former Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is challenging Florida Sen. Rick Scott for his Senate seat in 2024. She lost her 2020 election to Republican Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez. Mucarsel-Powell will have to overcome Scott’s large fundraising apparatus in a now bright red Florida.

Former Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva has entered into a formal role with the DeSantis presidential campaign as a senior adviser and surrogate in both English and Spanish-language TV media. “Very few elected officials say they’re going to do something and then give it their full effort to get it done. And then actually get it done,” Oliva said.

Campaigning in Fort Walton Beach, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis channeled  Oliver Anthony’s sentiment, the viral sensation for his song “Rich Men North of Richmond.” DeSantis said: ““We are not going to let a bunch of rich men north of Richmond spend us into oblivion any longer. We’re going to hold them accountable.” This comes after DeSantis also said he would want to use Jason Aldean’s hit country song “Try That in a Small Town” at campaign events.


Florida State soccer midfielder Taylor Huff was named the ACC Offensive Player of the Week earlier this week. Huff is the first player in school history to win an ACC Player of the Week following their career debut for the Garnet and Gold.


10 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, August 24"

  1. From the lead story right now on
    “With reports of crime running rampant through the westside of Tallahassee and an ongoing homeless crisis that many say is only exacerbating the issue, business owners and residents say they’ve had enough.”

    NO, you have NOT had enough.

    When you stop re-electing the Usual Suspects, then and only then will I believe you’ve had enough.

  2. If anyone had a chance to watch this city commission meeting you would have seen the usual “business as usual” performance by the City Commission.

    Numerous people used their very generous 3 minutes to present their concerns about the proposed changes to the CPRB. Their brief presentations were very sincere, passionate and presented in a very professional manner.

    As usual, the commissioners gazed at the presenters with their blank “I could care less what you’re saying” expressions and then courteously thanked them.

    The vote on the changes was taken and of course it passed unanimously, just as it was planned way back when it was decided to list it as an agenda item.

    As always, “the fix is in” on virtually all agenda items and the commissioners totally ignore what people say, suggest or want. That’s business as usual in 2023 city of Tallahassee and also at the county level.

    If you’ve never watched or attended a city or county commission meeting, it’s worth watching a meeting or two if you have the time. It’s quite a revealing, informative experience.

  3. “Tallahassee City Commissioners unanimously approved changes to the Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB) Wednesday. While the vote was unanimous, 5-0“

    It sure appears this bunch is more interested in criticizing and scrutinizing our local cops than actually doing anything at all to fight crime. As far as I am concerned the city council members all share in the responsibility for the harm brought to the citizens in our community.

  4. I want to be the CPRB’s publicist and/or spokesman. Where do I sign up?

    I could have some real fun with that! 🙂

  5. The city commission just gave the CPRB the AUTHORITY TO FIRE OFFICERS!!
    PAY ATTENTION FOLKS, see the changes to the boards authority. They have removed the previous prohibition.

  6. They haven’t met for about eight months because it’s been unable to meet a quorum? WTH? Why haven’t you filled those 5 Spots by now? You had EIGHT MONTHS.

    IF the CPRB are NOT supposed to send out Press Releases OR allow people to make comments then, WHY are they there? If nothing else, they need to have a person that writes down what they talked about and what conclusions they came to and make that public for all to see. There job is to watch what the Police do and if there is anything they can change to do it better, then make recommendations. Key words being, “To do it BETTER”.

    Having the CPRB Meetings once a Month is good. Since you haven’t filled the 5 Spots in 8 MONTHS tells me that you don’t really care enough OR there is something you don’t wont known to the public. Cut the Board down to 7 People and have two of them Commissioners.

    If the CPRB Meetings are pretty much “Work Shops” where they just discuss the issues and that’s all, I can understand why no one needs to make comments there BUT, you better allow them to come to the Commission Meetings and make their Comments to all of you.

    Personally, I think 3 Minutes is not enough time. Maybe bump it up to 4 or even 5 Minutes.

  7. @Nicholas — I’m anxious to see what the post-debate polling reveals.

    My own take is that Hutchinson, Christie, and Pence never had a chance and that this debate didn’t change that.

    Vivek is certainly the bull in the china shop. I like that about him, but not ready to endorse him.

    I’ve long respected Haley and Scott. Wishing they were stronger candidates.

  8. The changes to the CPRB are troubling. It boils down to politicians voting to limit and/or restrict citizens. Citizens that are in a position to judge and whose actions can have a direct impact on our government’s (Police) behavior.

    I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all…

  9. Governor DeSantis Clear Winner of the First GOP Presidential Debate!!

    ASA Hutchinson out!

    Chris Christie out due to TDS!

    Nikki Haley reveals she is a warmonger, out!

    Tim Scott needs to get a new platform other than his mom was a single mom.

    Vivek and Pence will make another go around due to their entertainment value of fighting each other. Put those two in a cage.

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