The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, September 28

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, September 28

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The Tallahassee City Commission narrowly passed a new budget Wednesday night that, among other adjustments, will raise property taxes to increase funding for the Tallahassee Police Department.


TR’s news briefs from the Tuesday Leon County School Board meeting are now available.

Tallahassee People on the Move highlight David Tyson, Mike O’Connor,  Jason Hollister, Jonathan Kilpatrick & Mary Simmons.

One of the three men accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from Jefferson County’s public coffers has fled the area. Charles Culp’s bond has been revoked by State Attorney State Attorney Jack Campbell. He was ordered to not flee Georgia or Florida. Campbell’s motion also says Culp’s defense attorney, Ryan Davis, “has no knowledge” of where Culp is now.

Former Leon High School security guard was arrested after being accused of engaging in sexual activities with a 16-year-old. George Stoney IV, 31, was charged with sexual battery and sex with a minor. The wife of the Stoney discovered the 16-year-old with Stoney in the Stoney’s apartment.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took shots yesterday before last night’s debate at Nikki Haley for her “corporatism.” “We’ve seen corporations go very woke and you know, Nikki attacked me for standing up for the kids of Florida and she sided with Disney when we had a big fight over parents’ rights in education.” Haley accused DeSantis of having a “vendetta” against Disney earlier this year and called on him to “hash it out” with the company.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also took shots at former President Donald Trump on the issue of abortion. “When I hear people like Donald Trump attacking heartbeat legislation, like your Governor, Kim Reynolds, signed, similar to what I signed in Florida, you’ve got to wonder like, you know, what has happened to this guy? This is not the guy who ran in 2016,” DeSantis said.


The No. 2 ranked FSU soccer team will return home to take on the Miami Hurricanes this Friday night at 7:00 p.m. at the Case Soccer Complex. The game will also be broadcast on the ACC Network Extra.

FSU women’s basketball is ranked 16th in The Athletic’s preseason poll. The Seminoles return their top three scorers in sophomore guard Ta’Niya Latson (21.3 points per game), junior forward Makayla Timpson (13.2 points) and graduate guard Sara Bejedi (10.8).



4 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, September 28"

  1. @ David our Govornor should be looking into some form of punishment for what Jack Campbell did. Maybe not as severe as what was delt out to the wayward other 2 State Attorneys but punishment there should be. And Desantis is the only person on the planet with the authority to address what Jack did.
    To rely on the voters to address the problem much later at election time would be passing the buck when the buck should stop at Desantis desk.
    Help us Govornor Jackie’s gone off the chain.

  2. We have TOO MANY Organizations allowed to raise our Property Taxes on a whim. We had to Vote for the Penny Sales Tax and then Vote to renew it, we should have to Vote to raise our Property Tax.

  3. “He was ordered to not flee Georgia or Florida” ………. WHY would Jack give them such a HUGE Yard to play in, TWO STATES? For what they did to Jefferson County, part of the Bond Agreement should have been “House Arrest”. Losing $800K hurts Jefferson County bad.

  4. Shame on those who just raised our taxes. The property millage rate just went up 8.5% ON TOP OF the 7% or more increase just from property values increasing. Curtis is cruising for a bruising in 24. Taxed enough already

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