The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, October 13

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, October 13

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Just weeks after the grand opening of the Tallahassee Amazon fulfillment center, City Commissioner Jack Porter – who was the only no vote on the project – stated in a social media post that she would vote no again.

The Leon County Commission is taking steps to alter the structure of the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency. Frustrations are growing with how Blueprint spends its money, which comes via a one-cent sales tax surcharge.

A Leon Circuit Judge has ordered Donna and Harvey Adelson to answer questions during a deposition just days before their son Charlie Adelson is scheduled to stand trial for murder. Prosecutors want to question Donna and Harvey Adelson – who are listed on both the state and defense witness lists – but their attorney claimed it could violate their 5th Amendment right to remain silent and could jeopardize immunity from future prosecution.

In Madison County a man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a standoff with Madison County Deputies. The standoff started when two deputies came to the man’s house and found him standing on the porch with a handgun. He opened fire on the deputies, they returned fire, SWAT was called, and tear gas was used to draw him out. Law enforcement heard a single gunshot go off from the inside. They found the man had taken his own life.


On Saturday at 12 noon on ABC, the ‘Noles will host the Syracuse Orange. What are the keys to the game? Get the details.

No. 1 FSU soccer defeated the No. 11 Notre Dame Fighting Irish last night 4-1. The Noles are 28-0-0 when ranked atop the standings.

FAMU football has a BYE week. 


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order allowing the state to conduct rescue operations for Floridians stranded in Israel. It enables the Florida Division of Emergency Management to help ensure Floridians return home safely, along with transporting necessary supplies to Israel, according to the governor’s office.

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds is demanding Florida State University denounce a pro-Hamas demonstration that took place on campus on Wednesday. Students for a Democratic Society engaged in a protest against Israel’s response to Hamas as they shouted and yelled “shame” at pro-Israel counter-protesters.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign confirmed yesterday that it will place a $2 million ad buy in the Hawkeye State. The TV ads will begin in mid-November and run through the start of the Iowa caucuses on January 15. The move puts DeSantis as the first presidential candidate to reserve airtime in Iowa throughout the caucuses.


10 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Friday, October 13"

  1. More criminals should “Man-Up” and follow this guys lead, “ In Madison County a man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound”. He is the only person, elected or citizen, to take a positive step to save the taxpayer’s money. Thanks Gee

  2. Employers who participate in FSU’s job fares should demand the names of the FSU students who supported Hamas and protested against Israel. If the employers aren’t given the names, they should nevertheless keep this protest in mind when they interview FSU students. Unless your company is anti-semitic or anti-western civilization, you should avoid hiring these students.

  3. I think the most shocking news is there are student organizations on FSU campus supporting HAMAS. In Tallahassee? NOW i think we need to know where Andrew Gillum stashed those ‘Syrian Refugees”? were they ever VETTED? We dunno. Tll the next terrorist attack happens…

  4. YES, the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency does waste Money and so does the Children’s Services Counsel. Blueprint needs to be Rebuilt and the CSC needs to be Torn Down.

    Hey Gov., instead of rescue operations for Floridians stranded in Israel why not rescue operations for AMERICANS stranded in Israel? Team up with other States so it saves Money and Rescues more Americans.

  5. Thank you, Governor DeSantis for your moral clarity in words and deeds regarding Israel.

    When the Nazi government of Germany sent their military troops into other countries to commit atrocities, it ended with many German citizens being killed, German infrastructure reduced to rubble and four different countries taking control of Germany and determining its future.

    Now the Hamas government of Gaza (Hamas has governed Gaza since 2007) has sent its terrorists into Israel to commit atrocities and it is not going to end well for Gaza either.

  6. Publishing the city’s report on the recent million gallon sewage spill, the abhorrent behavior by top tier city staff, including the city manager, in disparaging publicly citizens with disabilities, and the $1.8 million giveaway to SoMo – a special interest – is more important than a city commissioner’s social media post. Hopefully TR is working on these important issues…

  7. Amazon crushes local small biz and drives down wages. Grow Tallahassee funded by gov backed protectionists, not real capitalists

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