The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, December 11

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, December 11

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Reports indicate that a Kate Sullivan Elementary School teacher was recently assaulted by a student. The teacher was transported to a hospital for medical attention.

On Monday, December 11, LCS will hold a workshop with topics that include chronic absenteeism & school suspensions. TR has written about both of these topics: Leon County Schools Face Absenteeism Issue and LCS Out-Of-School Suspensions 80% Higher Than State Average.

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare expanded its services by opening a brand new urgent care center Friday morning. The facility is located on West Tennessee Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, it includes four patient exam rooms, one procedure room and a diagnostic area for x-rays and labs.

Leon County is opening overnight cold shelters ahead of another cold night, later today. Anyone needing cold night sheltering on these nights should go to The Kearney Center located at 2650 Municipal Way from 4pm to 9pm for intake. Transportation will be provided by the City of Tallahassee’s Star Metro bus service.


No. 20 FSU women’s basketball fell to the No. 2 UCLA Bruins Sunday afternoon 95-78. Ta’Niya Latson scored 26 to lead the Seminoles while Sara Bejedi added 19. Florida State (7-3) hung around by hitting 3-pointers and only trailed 47-37 before the Bruins scored seven straight to go into the half up 54-40.

FSU men’s basketball fell in the Orange Bowl Classic to the USF Bulls 88-72. The Seminoles, though, were limited to 39 percent shooting from the field and made only eight 3-point shots as compared to the Bulls’ 12 3-point shots.

Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis finished No. 5 in voting for the 2023 Heisman Trophy, presented by the Downtown Athletic Club of New York to the outstanding college football player in the United States.


Rep. Vicki Lopez, R-Miami, recently filed a house memorial requesting U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken implement polices that reinstate economic sanctions against Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro. The Maduro regime also has issued arrest warrants for former Juan Guaido. The National Assembly leader was once backed by the U.S. as Venezuela’s interim president.

Ron DeSantis doesn’t want Puerto Rico to become a state, unless there’s a GOP-dominated state to be entered into the United States at the same time to offset its Democratic lean. In Congress in 2018, DeSantis offered Puerto Ricans a pathway to statehood, as he co-sponsored  the Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2018.

The December Citrus Forecast by the USDA maintains Florida’s orange production at 20.5 million boxes, including increases in grapefruit and tangerine. The updated forecast signals a significant recovery for Florida’s citrus industry, with orange production expected to increase by nearly 25% compared to the previous year.


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  1. @David. Sorry to hear Tally has got them too. Oh it makes me so mad. Two are within a mile of my house. They murdered someone at one last montyh. Its freaking insane. Like Capone’s Chicago or some such!!

  2. @commonsense. I’m 63. I am a registered Medical Marijuana user for chronic pain following a back injury that almost paralyzed me. Sad to say if kids are using those places to get high…then they are sadly mistaken. It ain’t street weed. Its pretty mild depending on what your doctor prescribed for your condition. Now I’m lucky. If they give you the strong stuff…it means you gots health troubles like Parkinson’s or some such. In short- the recreational value of Medical Marijuana is not worth the dues you pay to get it.

  3. While the city, county or state are at it, they may want to also look into activity at the so-called “medical marijuana dispensaries.”

    Does anyone else ever notice the rather significant number of sick “patients” in the age range of about 18 to 35 who frequent these establishments? By comparison, I can’t say I’ve seen many elderly (cancer, arthritis) or military Veteran-age (PTSD) people going in and out.

    Could some form of nefarious activity also be going on here? Might be worth investigating.

  4. @David — The Internet Cafe on the Parkway used to be overt about its existence and what it was. I hadn’t seen any signage in quite a while and had no idea that it was still going!

  5. @ The Spider = The Internet Cafe enforcement around here is a Joke. About 4 Months ago, they shut down TWO of them. One on Appalachee Parkway across from the National Cemetery and just 4 Days later it is up and running with out skipping a beat. Same with the one in Woodville at the corner of Woodville Hwy and Oak Ridge Rd. except it took about 8 Days to reopen.

  6. You all ain’t covering the amazing raids on illegal internet cafes up in Havana? They had a murder last month at one. The Florida Gaming Commission raided it yesterday and it had millions of dollars worth of slot machines in there. There are least 6 more to shut down in Gadsden County! Y’all need to watch WTXL on YouTube! And then cover the story!!!

  7. The President needs to make Bermuda a US State, bring all the People to the US Mainland and turn the Island into a Huge Park-Tourist Site only, Camping only, 5 Days Max. Bermuda got pounded bad this Year with several Hurricanes.

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