Leon Democratic Executive Committee Retweets: “US is a Fascist Police State….”

Leon Democratic Executive Committee Retweets: “US is a Fascist Police State….”

The Leon County progressives in control of the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee (LCDEC) continued their attack on law enforcement with a recent retweet of a post on X which stated that the “US is a fascist police state that will arrest you to justify paying themselves more of your tax dollars.”

The original post – by an account named “Fifty Shades of Whey” – was in response to a controversial DUI arrest in Hawaii.

The head of the LCDEC – Ryan Ray – is the aide to Tallahassee City Commissioner Jeremy Matlow.

Why would the local Democrat party retweet a message that casts all police officers in a negative light?

This message continues efforts by local progressives to demean law enforcement for political gain. In the past, progressive members of the city commission have appointed police abolitionists to the Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB).

Violent Crime Incidents Up 13.6% in 2023

And just last month, Commissioner Matlow appointed a member to the CPRB that has ties to a group that describe themselves as police abolitionists.

Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell recently told TR that the national narrative demonizing law enforcement and the defund the police movement has impacted the way today’s youth view law enforcement.

3 Responses to "Leon Democratic Executive Committee Retweets: “US is a Fascist Police State….”"

  1. Yes, ever since the power-mad Obummer-BiteMe-Harass regime Illiberal Leftists/ Dems/ Reds/ Regressives/ Socialists/ Fascists/ Nazis/ Marxists/ Communists/ Bolsheviks/ Stalinists/ Maoists/ Collectivists took over, and now the county and city are striving toward the same Fascist Police State. We thought it was bad when the chief Dem physically attacked Republicans and Libertarians who were delivering yard signs for non-leftist candidates, but the overall exercise of too much authoritarian power keeps getting worse in many ways.

    OTOH, that’s why we try to maintain separate branches, separation of power, and the local (village, town, city, township), county/parish, state, federal split, to try to minimize power-madness in any of them… not so they can take turns being abusive but to suppress the initiations of force and fraud.

  2. Badge of honor for the boys in blue! ?????
    LCDEC social media is bonkers lately. Mainstream dems, if there are any “left” around here, need to grab the reins.

  3. These hate-filled Progressively-Marxist Democrats and their Media PACs are the biggest threat to our democracy, safety, security, children, and future of this Republic.

    May God help us all.

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