Commissioner Gillum’s “Tit for Tat” Rationale Overlooks Millions In Electric Rate Increases

The discussion over the $8 million electric utility surplus over the last few months has seen city commissioners and staff defending the need to deposit the “found” money in the electric reserve which already had approximately $95 million. Rationale for keeping the money has ranged from “its policy” to “its only $34 per residential customer”. […]

COT Consultant Supports 2010 Reserve Level, Questions Are Raised About $54 Million!

The debate about the COT electric utilities reserves is beginning to provide answers, though questions remain. Last Wednesday the COT brought in consultants to provide more information about the appropriate level of the electric reserve. City staff is seeking a reserve level between $119 million and $185 million. The reserve is currently at $105 million. […]

The City Has Responded; Questions Still Remain

Our recent report on the wealth of the City of Tallahassee electric utility published on January 19, 2011 generated a response from the City of Tallahassee. On Friday, Tallahassee Reports received an email from the City that indicated the report was one sided and should have included a different calculation. The initial report compared the […]

Commissioners Had Little Notice of $8 Million Surplus

A public records request by Tallahassee Reports indicates that Tallahassee City Commissioners did not have much time to consider options with respect to the $8 million electric utility surplus before their vote on December 8, 2010.

Most Cities Register Lobbyists, Tallahassee Does Not

An investigation by Tallahassee Reports has revealed that, unlike the City of Tallahassee, most major municipalities in the state of Florida require city lobbyist to register and provide detailed information about their activities.

Fairgrounds Redevelopment Needs a Plan

There is no doubt that the south side of Tallahassee needs economic revitalization.

I have agreed for a long time that it makes perfect sense to move the current Fairgrounds to a new site and to redevelop the existing site on south Monroe Street .