Let’s Happily Disagree During The Holidays … Ho! Ho! Ho!

By Cindy O’Connell & Dr. Susan Fell Perhaps its wishful thinking — but imagine a world where civil discourse is prevalent in the midst of chaotic change.  Where differing ideas can be discussed without personal attacks. And if leadership or management shifts had to occur in an organization, these could be accomplished respectfully without long-held […]

What “Manners” Most Civility, Courtesy, Common Sense: “A Return to Civility”

By: Cindy O’Connell & Susan Fell “A Return to Civility” The Arizona Republic Headline, Top of the fold, November 11, 2016 Indeed, this is an interesting headline from a news outlet whose state was very late in reporting the final vote count for our country’s 45th president. Out of the thousands of headlines printed across […]

What “Manners” Most: Civility, Courtesy, Common Sense

By Cindy O’Connell & Dr. Susan Fell Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility. -Peter Drucker As the quote suggests, the responsibility for civility in the workplace falls squarely on managers. People skills employed by managers to communicate and develop an atmosphere of mutual respect which values and respects the contribution […]