Tampa Bay Times Endorses Gillum; Ignores Tallahassee Crime, Dismisses FBI Investigation

Tampa Bay Times Endorses Gillum; Ignores Tallahassee Crime, Dismisses FBI Investigation

The Tampa Bay Times, Florida’s largest newspaper, recently endorsed Mayor Andrew Gillum for governor without addressing the crime problem that has plagued Tallahassee during Gillum’s time as a city commissioner and a mayor.

One of the most important functions of Tallahassee city elected officials is approving the budget and policies for the Tallahassee Police Department.

Records show that after Gillum and the city commission ignored pleas for help from law enforcement officials from 2009 -2013, Tallahassee went on to lead the state in crime rate from 2014 -2017.

Just last week FBI records show that Florida State University led Florida college campuses in crime in 2017. FSU also led the state in 2016.

Also, a record number of murders were reported in Tallahassee during 2017.

The Tallahassee crime problem, and Gillum’s role in the issue, has been highlighted in the campaign for governor by  his opponent, Republican Ron DeSantis.

However, the endorsement says nothing about the issue.

In fact, the endorsement does not highlight any accomplishments or challenges that occurred during Gillum’s 15-year career as an elected city official in Tallahassee.

On the FBI investigation of local corruption in Tallahassee, the TBT board writes that “Gillum denies any wrongdoing and offers reasonable explanations about publicly reported trips and expenditures.”

In the end, the endorsement of Gillum is less about Gillum and more about the editorial board’s current assessment of Florida Republicans.

From the editorial:

As governor, he could set spending priorities. He could veto state budgets that starve public education or divert money from affordable housing and environmental preservation. He could insist on spending more on mental health and less on corporate welfare.

Unlike DeSantis, Gillum also would block the Legislature’s attacks on individual rights from becoming law. He would veto new restrictions on abortion, attempts to make it harder to vote and punitive measures aimed at the poor. He also could reject the Legislature’s efforts that would erode the power of local governments and increase health care costs under the guise of promoting free markets.

It’s time to reset Florida’s state government after two decades of Republican control. Gillum’s upstart campaign energizes younger voters, and he offers new energy and a fresh approach. For governor of Florida, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Andrew Gillum.

Read full editorial here.

7 Responses to "Tampa Bay Times Endorses Gillum; Ignores Tallahassee Crime, Dismisses FBI Investigation"

  1. What?
    Florida’s most progressive, liberal (and failing) rag endorsed the Democat for Governor?
    I’m shocked. SHOCKED.
    Seriously, Tim Nickens & Co. are diehard libs. The Midwesterners who flock to the Tampa Bay region do not share the same viewpoints and WILL REJECT their endorsement, as they did 8 years ago when they endorsed what’s-her-name for governor over Rick Scott.
    From 3 years ago:
    And things are WAY worse there now. Layoffs, pay cuts and financial issues at Poyntless have left them circling the drain of irrelevance.

  2. I see the Tampa Bay Times is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Endorsing DeSantis would have offered a life preserver… I guess, they want us to sink deeper and deeper into the muck.

    I believe voters will choose the life preserver. Did the Tampa Bay Times run the picture of Gillium with his friend on the boat in New York with their endorsement?

    I believe that should be the official portrait that the newspapers use for the Gillum campaign.

    Maybe the Tallahassee Democrat will publish that photo next to their endorsement of DeSantis, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. Maybe they’re ignoring the crime rate and FBI probe, but you and your ilk, Stevie boy, are supporting a flagrant racist corporatist oligarch.

    1. I believe you are describing MayorGillum. Gillum touting himself in ads that he is entitled to be Governor because of his mother’s occupation and his ethnicity is troubling

      I believe you are venting your frustrations and misdirecting your anger because Gillum is unable to claim success, progress or a positive track record…. only his race as his entitlement.

      And let’s not forget with hurricane Michael on the horizon it was 2 years ago that mayor Gillum turned away Florida Power & Light to Aid citizens in their time of need because of political reasons. This is unconscionable.

      1. Hope, your claim about “political reason” and FPL is an outright lie. You know better, and so do others who are honest. Please take a look at Mayor Andrew Gillum’s and City of Tallahassee Rob McGarrah’s restoration of normalcy to Tallahassee in the wake of Hurricane Michael. They are doing an outstandingly great job, and have been privately and in public highly commended for their hard work, decency, and integrity through the restoration process.

        Your claim that Gillum is “touting himself….because of his mother’s occupation” is an attack on his legitimate personal history; your attack is unseemly. Please, even if you love the Republican agenda, try at least to be even handed when you reference Democrats and black people.

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