Andrew Gillum’s Brother Removed From Florida Voter Rolls After Investigation

Andrew Gillum’s Brother Removed From Florida Voter Rolls After Investigation

Tallahassee Reports has confirmed that Mark Earley, the Leon County Supervisor of Elections, has removed Marcus Gillum, Andrew Gillum’s brother, from the Leon County voter rolls.

The action by Earley comes after an investigative report by Tallahassee Reports which verified that Marcus Gillum voted as resident of Leon County – registered at a home once owned by Andrew Gillum – even though a sworn affidavit indicated he was a legal resident of Chicago, Illinois.

Florida law authorizes supervisor of elections to investigate fraudulent registrations and illegal voting and to report the findings to the local state attorney and the Florida Elections Commission.

TR is attempting to verify if any of the findings were referred to law enforcement officials.

TR’s report referenced Leon County voting records that showed Marcus Gillum voted by absentee in the 2012 general election, absentee in the 2014 primary election, and early voted in the 2016 general election.

But months before he cast that 2016 ballot in Florida, Marcus Gillum, in an affidavit for an unrelated court case, swore under oath he was a resident of Chicago.

Tallahassee Reports also discovered that, in 2018, Marcus Gillum was still registered to vote in Leon County  at a home that his brother sold over three years ago. The Leon County Property Appraiser indicates that Andrew Gillum sold 5325 St. Ives Lane on February 27th, 2015.

Florida Department of Motor Vehicle records showed that Marcus Gillum has not had a valid Florida drivers license since 2011.

Marcus Gillum has been tied to various aspects of the current federal investigation into Tallahassee corruption, including Andrew Gillum’s trip to New York and Gillum’s relationship with undercover FBI agents.

Politico is reporting that in Miami Gardens today, Andrew Gillum is expected to formally announce the creation of a voter registration group in Florida dedicated to defeating President Donald Trump’s re-election chances in the nation’s largest swing state.

10 Responses to "Andrew Gillum’s Brother Removed From Florida Voter Rolls After Investigation"

  1. It’s ironic that Gillum was screaming – count every vote – so, we counted his brother’s vote, which will probably land his brother in the federal penitentiary.

    You reap what you sow.

  2. What about Gillum’s sister? Wasn’t she registered at the St. Ives address too while living in Montgomery, Alabama and/or NYC?
    And as far as registering new voters, it sounds like he only wants to register those who will vote against Trump. So if you want to register with his group and then vote for Trump in 2020, can he legally discriminate against you and either refuse to register you or throw your registration into a pile behind Brenda Snipes’ garage?

    1. Gillum’s brother crossed state lines to commit voting fraud which may mean that the federal prosecutors would indict.

  3. Maybe this is Gillum’s announcement: “My Brother won’t be performing voter fraud in Leon County anymore!” ?

  4. Hahaha!

    Gillum’s partner-in-crime brother is committing voter fraud and possibly being prosecuted for it at the same time Gillum is announcing his new voting registration group.

    This could only get better if it is announced that Brenda Snipes is Gillum’s pick to run this voting registration (scam).

    It just doesn’t get any better than this!

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