Five Stories Covered Exclusively by Tallahassee Reports

Five Stories Covered Exclusively by Tallahassee Reports

These recent reports- exclusive to to Tallahassee Reports – have been viewed over 10,000 times.

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3 Responses to "Five Stories Covered Exclusively by Tallahassee Reports"

  1. Thank you Steve Stewart for the full and proper investigative reporting without bias which has revealed that Rocky Hanna has participated in several acts of dishonesty in return for personal gain. Tallahassee Reports has proven that the Tallahassee Democrat namely Jeff Burlew and the editor acted in bad faith by not openly and honestly reporting on the corruption that is Rocky Hanna.

    Keep up the great work! Rocky Hanna is a dishonest politician who engaged in chid neglect and violated the educator code of ethics. School board is silent while Rocky continues to be a bully.

  2. There you go.
    That should be enough to go to court and have a Judge award the Obits and legal notices to TallahasseeReports.
    Goodnight Fake Newsocrat.

    1. Fake Newsocrat’s 2019 print circulation DOWN TO 13,592, DOWN 32.5%, OUCH!
      Scroll down to the searchable database and that’s what the Alliance for Audited Media says – and they are the industry-recognized authority for determining circulation.
      Soon, TR’s print circulation will be #1 in the Tallahassee market.

      Happy Thanksgiving, Fake Newsocrat!

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