Hanna Responds to TR’s Investigation of Donations by Vegas LLC’s.

Hanna Responds to TR’s Investigation of Donations by Vegas LLC’s.

Superintendent Rocky Hana has provided a statement in response to several Tallahassee Reports articles addressing campaign donations made to local candidates via LLC’s based in Las Vegas with ties to Hanna.

TR has previously reported that Hanna was tied to several campaign contributions from the LLC’s which included a $50,000 donation to a political action committee controlled by Andrew Gillum and various donations to local candidates.

Recently, TR submitted the following questions to Mr. Hanna:

TR has been told that you are responsible for donations made over the last three months to local candidates through LLC’s registered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Is this true?
Why are these LLC’s registered in Las Vegas?
What type of business interests are these LLC’ s tied to?
Do these LLC’s conduct business in Leon County?
Do these LLC’s employee people?
Do these LLC’s have a physical address where business is conducted?

This past Friday, Mr. Hanna provided a statement via email which addresses some of the questions, however leaves others unanswered.

In the emailed statement, Hanna writes that it his right to make donations and that “contributions made by the LLCs reflect an interest in supporting candidates who share that strong public education system commitment.”

Also, Hanna noted that the “LLCs in question are investment holding companies set up many years ago that are 100% family-owned by the Hanna family. “

Superintendent Hanna statement on donations:

“As any other citizen has the right to support candidates for public office with their vote and contribution, I enjoy that right, too. Over the years of my life and career, I have supported candidates for various offices who demonstrate a strong commitment to public education. The LLCs in question are investment holding companies set up many years ago that are 100% family-owned by the Hanna family. They are controlled by my brother, and I have a very minor ownership interest, of under 5%, in them. My brother and family join me in a passion for public education. The contributions made by the LLCs reflect an interest in supporting candidates who share that strong public education system commitment.”

26 Responses to "Hanna Responds to TR’s Investigation of Donations by Vegas LLC’s."

  1. Rocky I read your statement, here is mine:

    Mr Hanna it pains me to know you are the leader of a school system. You are an egotistical self centered vindictive person who uses his bothers money to further your own twisted ambitions. You are passionate about one thing and only one thing yourself.

    Rocky Hanna is a twisted sick person who seeks the approval of others through crude remarks and trying to buy influence. Sick!

  2. Iam a little concerned that he owns a very minor interest in a company but get paid $120K per year??? How much is this company worth?? I remember see that he reported that it’s worth was only around $180K. Something sounds fishy to me, but hey same old same old goi g on here. Come on Leon county wake the HELL up!!

  3. Street talk was that Gillum lead Hanna to believe that he would be the next Comm. Of Education. I suspect that Hanna missed the photo op because he was tie up at the HAH, HAH, HAH slot machines.

  4. So how does the Maddox’s Midget photo op with FBI agents in Vegas explain this Hannah/Gillum tie-in – Snidely and Maven?

  5. Or maybe the Andrew Gillum $50 K contribution from Rocky Boy’s ‘Brother’ has to do with Andy’s legal fees rapidly mounting in the last two months to answer to FBI subpoenas?

    Note Andy’s Brother and Rocky Boy’s brother seem to be running parallel roles as part of this Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Odyssey.

    DO NOT SEEK THE TREASURE! Says Andy to Rocky Boy…

  6. “Investment holding companies,” is code for tax evasion, slush fund, money laundering, and bypassing of rules, regulations and state and federal election laws?

    Isn’t Gary Yordon Hanna’s Yes Man confidant?

    Wasn’t Gary Yordon Scott Maddox’s Yes Man confidant?

  7. OK one more thing.
    Had Hanna taken the wiser choice of not responding to TR’s articles the local 3 news outlets would have continued to provide cover for Hanna by ignoring TR’s articles. Which means the local liberal voting sheeple would continue in their ignorance and reflexively with zero thought voted for the Democrat (Hanna).
    But now Hanna himself by responding himself pushed the issues TR has been reporting on to the level that our big 3 local leftist news outlets will feel the need to rush to Hanna’s defense and this ignored TR reporting will get out to a vast majority of our local sheeple Democrat voters who will become aware and see thru the gallant big 3 local leftist news outlets efforts to defend Hanna.
    Great job Steve I hope that Hanna sealed his fate and looses in his attempt at re election. Hanna should have just ignored the TR reporting, that way local fake news would have ignored TR reporting too, and our majority of mindless sheeple Democrat voters would have mindlessy put him back in power. Most likely Hanna’s response was based on some defective narcissistic craziness in his own head.

    1. Maybe some of the people he gave the money to didn’t like the bad publicity and the vulnerability it created for their campaigns. Maybe they told him to go explain it. Depending on how it plays out, maybe some of them will have political cover to give the money back.

  8. Hanna has lost his humanity and replaced it with politics to serve himself.

    It is unconscionable that the sums of money that are going to his coworkers and politicos instead of going to The Starving Children in this community shows his true side.

    Leon County officially has a hunger problem and Leon County is number four in the state regarding hunger. Have we ever heard Rocky, Curtis Richardson, Jimbo Jackson, Mary Ann Lindley, Gary Yordon, and so on and so forth address this problem?

    When you have a hunger problem in the schools and the school superintendent is throwing around hundreds of thousands of dollars through a self-serving Las Vegas account it should be illegal. It is time for Rocky to be voted out of office. Hopefully he or anyone else who has accepted a donation from his illicit Las Vegas LLC will not even be in a runoff election.

    And Gadsden County is even worse off in hunger than Leon County and has Curtis Richardson ever said anything? Yet, Curtis Richardson double dips or has double-dipped and being paid by taxpayers in Gadsden County, also. It is time for Rain Cloud Richardson to be voted out as well.

    1. Hope,
      Hanna lost all humanity when for 10 years he refused to publicly acknowledge or support his child until sued. Rocky further lost all humanity when he enacted a hit list non renewing employees. Perhaps he lost his humanity long before any of this as he has been making off color remarks about students of color, students who are poor and students who have special needs. He for sure lost all humanity when he dated teachers as a school Principal, then bullying at least one of them into a transfer with a taxpayer funded settlement!

  9. Mr. Hanna evidently has not given any thought about public perception…family holdings in Las Vegas sounds “mob” related.

  10. I think the greater question is, where do the LLC’s get their money to make these tributions?

    Those recipients of these contributions, do *they* know and understand the origin of funds behind the LLC’s?

    I am more concerned what Mr. Hanna refused to say, and whether the FBI or IRS have these LLC’s on their radar.

    1. Jame,
      Do you endorse a Principal dating teachers at the school and bullying them into a transfer with a tax payer funded settlement? Do you endorse paying our teachers the 46th lowest in Florida while Rocky’s buddies are given jobs paying them $100,000 each. Haters? No. Those that reveal the truth and actions of Rocky is unethical, ego driven person who is trying to buy influence.Is it ok for the Rocky to have no credentials in construction to place himself over construction?

      If Rocky has your vote, do you think it is ok to hide from child support , although Rocky admitted he knew he was the father but did not pay any child support until sued!

      In no way shape or form should Rocky Hanna be the face of public education in any county!

  11. Hanna’s must have some money if they can afford $50,000 donations. There must be a way to beat him!!! While he and the school board brag about the great graduation rate someone should investigate what it would be without “withdrawals to homeschool” and other means to get rid of the kids who need education the most.

  12. Why not mention in the article one of the other local candidates is Commissioner Richardson? He received 3 $250 donation to his re-election campaign. Yes, there are 3 separate LLCs. Visit billschack.com to change the game in Tallahassee.

  13. Rocky Hanna gave money to people he hired (Curtis Richardson), he gave money to school board members (purchase of influence), he gave money to a principal – Jimbo Jackson – HUGE Conflict of Interest by both Rocky and Jimbo!

    Rocky, what was your passion when you dated teachers as a Principal? Rocky, what was your passion when you hid from child support for 10 years? Rocky, what was your passion when sat by and provided oversight to the largest busing debacle in Florida! Rocky, what is you passion with your off color remarks about students of color, poverty and special needs? Rocky, your passion is your ego!

    Rocky Hanna wants to be a power broker, he uses his brother’s money to buy influence! Rocky Hanna you are what we facts prove, an unethical, bully who uses the power of his office to silence his critics.

    Rocky Hanna is unethical. Those that support his campaign or give him a donation endorse the unethical behavior from hit lists, to child neglect, to handing out jobs to Assistant Superintendents, Shelly Bell, Scott Hanson and others who make $100,000 each because they are hand picked buddies of Hanna while teachers are the 46th LOWEST IN FLORIDA! Vote no on Hanna!

  14. VOTE NO at ballot boxes! Rocky Horror response: YADA, yada, yada! Damage control in effect! 2019 First Day of School transportation debacle, lack of accountability, deceit, vendettas, and CRONYISM!
    Citizens – don’t TELL, SHOW that INGRATE at the Ballot Boxes that taxpayers elected him and his lack of ETHICS requires Dismissal!

  15. Two things:
    The response was unexpected and quite likely ill advised by whosoever advised him to even respond at all.
    Just the one admission in the response that he supported Gillium is all you need to know. Even though we already knew that.
    Thats it thats all I’m gonna say.

  16. Typical Hanna response. He wants us to believe his family has such a compassion for education. Where was that compassion when he did not care or support his own child for 10 years and her mother had to sue him for 10 years of no child support. Also, I recall TR shared that he was paid $180,000 in 2018 by his LLC. Hanna is a political jack-ass.

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