Pam Hightower Files for Leon County Schools Superintendent Race

Pam Hightower Files for Leon County Schools Superintendent Race

Pam Hightower, a longtime educator, filed the necessary paperwork last Friday with the Supervisor of Elections to run for Superintendent of Leon County Schools. Hightower filed as a Democrat.

The Tallahassee Democrat was the first media outlet to report her candidacy.

Current Superintendent Rocky Hanna filed earlier this year with a no party affiliation designation. Candidates have until the last day of qualifying in June to change their party affiliation.

Hightower has been a classroom teacher, a primary specialist, an assistant principal, a principal, McKinney Vento Homeless Coordinator, and Title I Director. She is currently a contracted mathematics consultant specializing in the Acaletics Mathematics curriculum with Leon County Schools.

Elaborating on a professional accomplishment, Hightower told TR that that with the “help of a dynamic and devoted staff….we were able to move the failing Wesson School from a letter grade of “F” to a letter grade of “B” in one school year; which in turn earned me the status of a Turnaround Principal.”

Hightower said “I am the candidate who is passionate about student achievement and the academic future of this district. It is my belief that every child is entitled to a quality education and is provided a chance to succeed. It is imperative that we as educators address the needs of the “whole child,” including their physical, emotional, social, and mental needs.

Tallahassee Reports has previously reported on Hanna’s filing for reelection and his initial fundraiser which netted approximately $110,000.

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  1. $30,000 per school for Acaletics? Title I rip-off, championed by Pam Hightower purchase approved by Rocky Hanna, everybody associated with these two characters needs to be investigated. How do you spend $30,000 a year on a supplemental math program? That’s almost as much as a teacher salary? Same way how does Rocky Hannah pay people $100,000 without advertising the jobs? Once again brings us back to the school board absolutely silent.

  2. Rocky may have and is running as an independent, but he has always said that he is a Democrat at heart. Do all of you really want another Dem running your children’s schools???? I know that I sure don’t. Just because she looks good on paper doesn’t make her our saving grace. Look at the history of the Dem party…. They lie their butt’s off by telling voters what they want to hear, promising to make things better than the last idiot. But they never own up to those promises. The moment their in the office, they start doing the exact opposite of what they said. Rocky did the same thing!!! Wake up people!!! Don’t vote to make history… Vote for the best solution for our children!!! Don’t vote to rub it in the faces of white people, to make history, or just to get rid of Rocky. A math test every day will burn out a kid really fast, and then they won’t enjoy math or school. Put yourself in your kids shoes for a moment and think about what a math test every day would do to you.

  3. Pam Hightower is not a math teacher or certified in math. Acaletics is test prep at a cost of $30,000 per school Rip off. Taking money that could go to teachers for tutoring or after school instruction goes to Acaletics.
    Somebody request the costs and emails to and from Pam and Mike Bell from Acaletics.

  4. These comments are getting a bit ridiculous. No one has put her up to anything and if you knew the real Thelma Hightower, you would know that. She has morals and ethics. Acaletics is a supplemental resource to help students improve in math. If used appropriately, Acaletics like all other supplemental programs, support instruction given by the teachers. Let’s stop hitting below the belt to taint this grassroot candidate. Base your opinion on her performance, not subjective bullshit. Stop being messy and listen to the facts. Nasty attitude, please Rocky Horror is the king of nasty attitude. He’s also prejudice/racist. He doesn’t like black, mexican, asian, or indian people – any people of color. That’s why the schools with children of color are failing. Learn the facts before making a judgement. If you want to see change, it GETS NO BETTER THAN THELMA HIGHTOWER!!!

  5. Running a “grassroots” campaign = no big money backing her.
    She has quite an uphill climb ahead of her.
    Will Da Sheriff back her instead now? Doubts.

    What is the deadline for applying?

  6. Chile boo, Thelma Hightower ha ha! Just because she’s black doesn’t mean she’s for you. The votes she’ll receive will be against Rocky, not for her. On paper she looks great, achievements and so on BUT HER NASTY ASS ATTITUDE IS SOMETHING ELSE. I’m telling you what I know not what I’ve heard. She was never liked as a principal, worried too much about what the teachers were saying. She got the mistress hired now let’s see how long it takes for Pink to come over. Watch and see.

    1. Please do a public records request between Pam Hightower and Mike Bell- owner of the test prep Acaletics. Parents do you want math test everyday like we are forced to do? Pam Hightower is best buds with Kathleen Rodgers that let Rocky off the hook with sexual infractions dating and bullying when of his teachers. Rocky and Kathleen put Pam up to running to keep other Democrats out. Public records will let you know.

  7. Hightower is a Democrat. Pons is a Democrat. They would have to run against each other in the primary. Hanna is running as an independent so he can go straight to the general election without a primary run. In 2016, Scott Maddox filed as a Democrat so he could run against Pons and allow Hanna to run as an Independent. However, that did not work for Maddox. He went to Vegas and urinated in his own cornflakes.

  8. Will somebody please check out and tell me what Acaletics is? I went to the website sure looks like test prep pure and simple. Who gave her the title of turnaround principal? The school did not stay turned around very long.

  9. I’m happy for her candidacy for sure, and her credentials on paper are good (not sure the Bond educational results are so good, though it is really hard to eliminate/address the issues in a Title IX school sufficiently for it to be seen in school scores (which themselves are pretty flawed), would love to vote for a woman and person of color. But she was appointed principal by Jackie Pons, and brought back after DROP with a huge salary. She may just be a spoiler put up to take votes away from Mr. Hanna. We’ll know if Jackie joins the race.

  10. There’s too much to lose and a lot to gain from a candidate that loves our people- we know HAH isnt the one- Pam, we are looking for someone with love and a sense of justice for us- do it Pam!

  11. I hope she drives home the messages of working collaboratively with parents and keeping kids in school. These messages will resonate with the masses of LC voters who have been treated caustically by Rocky and will also highlight the need to rid the forced homeschool policy for underachievers. And focusing on her administrative experience will address Rocky’s failures aka bus system etc. I think he will be challenged to adjust his campaign approach to try and beat her, even with as clever, deep pocketed, connected and ruthless as he is. If he attacks her directly with nasty flimflam like he did in the last election, he risks looking like he’s bullying a woman. If he plans on using his HAH to buy support among voters, like he did to get his endorsements from other candidates…well I am not sure there is much of a market there and the price will be high, not to mention the risk of getting caught. She seems like a class act. I hope she keeps to the high road, addresses the concerns of the diverse needs of voters and uses her turnaround experience to turn around this District when she gets elected.

  12. Interesting. A black female Democrat. Where does Curtis ” no clouds over the Commission [ I work for Rocky ] ” Richardson stand on who he supports now?

    And what about all those wealthy local white Democratic voting folks that recently made the list of proud Rocky supporters … have they suddenly become anti woman and anti black?
    Leftist identity politics can be a pesky two edged sword you know.

    I’m sure she has no direct HAH HAH donations from Rocky’s Vegas slush fund but is Rocky still secretly backing her?

    Just saying it may be a little early to be put on our happy shoes and break out into the happy dance!!!

  13. Ladies & Gentleman. MEET the GAME CHANGER to the most interested challenge for Rocky Horror seat! Dr. Hightower you most certainly have my VOTE! This candidate must be supported ! Get to the voting booth and let’s made HISTORY while sending Rocky and his band of supporters a message – You have aligned yourselves publibly with the losing horse!

  14. Please help…I have tried for weeks, can anyone convince STEMLE to run for Superintendent? Sure seems like he is the candidate with the experience, energy, and knowledge needed to improve our schools and focus on our community!

    For now I will continue to support his current run. Get on board voters, this guy has what it takes. #stemleforschoolboard

  15. At last! We have a chance and choice to replace Hanna. Sounds like this person has the training and experience to be our first female minority Supt. Look forward to learning more about this candidate.

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