TMH, CRMC COVID-19 Patients Drop to Six

TMH, CRMC COVID-19 Patients Drop to Six

Tallahassee Reports has requested the current COVID-19 hospitalization numbers from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH) and Capital Regional Medical Center (CRMC) on a regular basis since June 1st.

Today, June 24th, the hospitals reported a total of 6 COVID-19 patients. TMH reported 3 and CRMC reported 3.

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The chart below shows that the number of COVID-19 patients in TMH and CRMC have declined in June by over 50%.

This decline comes amid a recent increase in positive cases in Leon County . Reports indicate approximately 110 new cases in Leon County over the last seven days. This increase prompted the Leon County Commission to mandate face covering in public at an emergency meeting.

Dr. Dean Watson, VP and Chief Integration Officer at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital (TMH), recently shared detailed information about COVID-19 and stated that the key indicators are hospitalization and mortality, not the number of positive tests.

Will the recent increase in positive tests result in more hospitalizations? TR will continue to provide updates on current patients in TMH and CRMC.

16 Responses to "TMH, CRMC COVID-19 Patients Drop to Six"

  1. This “current number of hospitalizations” between TMH and CRMC is really great information. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Can you continue to get regular updates on this? For some reason you’re the only one capable of getting this data… Thanks for all you do.

  2. The fact that several of you are making this a political argument and not an informed citizen is disgusting.

    I admit, I did not wear a mask at first when we had 10 cases in Leon County, but today I wear one. It is not comfortable, I get it. But it is about doing a small part for myself, my family, and the community. We are all in this together, so please stop injecting politics into the face mask argument.

    The crazy thing is that the people who do not have a medical degree or any expertise, are typically the first ones to judge and have a medical opinion.

  3. @ Preston Scott, you are correct! We did not see the projected increase. Preventative measures worked. Social distancing works. Frequent hand and surface cleaning works. “Shut down and shelter at home” worked.

    When we stop doing what has been shown to work, and then do things that contradict science, shock defies logic.

    I know Covid-19 has wrecked, is wrecking a global economy. I know the US economy has tanked. I also believe Americans have become soft and complacent! Our grandparents endured famine, war rations, depression, disaster and financial hardships. The biggest differences I see between then and now are the elements of family, community and nationalism. We aren’t banding together to combat a unified cause. It’s very much a “free-for-all”!

    I’m not here saying we should give up our freedoms and civil liberties. I am saying following our ancestor’s example means voluntarily working together (not against one another) to achieve a common goal.

    I’m curious. How many people reading this actually know what following the Golden Rule means, or even know what the Golden Rule is? If not, what does it say about our collective morality and how we value the “American Way?”

  4. Just as soon as the dems get their last ditch effort at life support, mail in ballots for the presidential election, all of this insanity will quickly dispute dissipate. Keep up the good fight, don’t give in. The masks represent a hand over your mouth to shut you up. Let your voice be heard loud and clear, the United States does not negotiate with terrorists!!!!

    1. Does it say “are?” Based on what I have seen, unless they recently changed it, the hospitalization number was aggregate. I could be wrong, but these numbers are accurate. Leon County certainly never saw anything close to the predicted number of “200 daily” which was pushed out in April.

  5. Dang we are all gonna miss the endless Covid – 19 reporting after the elections.
    Sigh … round about Nov. 4th. 2020 it’s gonna all become an unneeded part of history.
    Sadly the BLM-Riots will fall by the wayside round about that time too.

    But maybe we can revive one or even both around 6 months prior to the mid-terms.
    Yeah that will be great.

  6. Rebekah Jones (the insubordinate scientist) reported last night during the Commission meeting that the State will no longer keep track of COVID-19 ICU beds or Covid-19 ICU admissions.

    How can you be sure the numbers you’ve been provided are accurate? Has DeSantis purposefully disregarded his own phase thresholds for advancing reopening?

    1. She’s been proven to be a liar. Fired from state jobs in 2 different state ( not an easy thing to do) and had restraining order against her for revenge porn. Not the most reliable of sources.

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