Leon County Commission Chairman Desloge Outlines COVID Success Indicators

Leon County Commission Chairman Desloge Outlines COVID Success Indicators

In a video released earlier this week, Leon County Commission Chairman Bryan Desloge detailed four indicators that Leon County are monitoring to measure the impact of COVID-19.

Desloge said the indicators are the number of emergency room visits, the number of new cases, the test positivity rate, and the hospital capacity.

Tallahassee Reports provides daily information on Leon County COVID numbers and also reports on the Leon County positivity rate.

Desloge noted that many hospital patients are from outside of Leon County.

“A lot of the people or some of the people that are in our hospitals here are not from Leon County,” he said. “We are a regional facility, and so what happens is that most of the outlying counties take advantage of the fact that the hospitals are in Leon County, so that skews things a little bit.”

“We have to manage, too, what the capacity is in our community, so we’re in daily coordination with all the local health officials, the hospitals, the Department of Health, the State,” he said.

At the end of the video, he asked the community to continue regular hand-washing, social distancing, and wearing masks.

The Leon County Commissioners passed an ordinance requiring masks in Leon County business establishments back in June. Since then, it has been unclear how long the mask mandate will be in effect.

On Aug. 27, County Commissioner Kristin Dozier spoke about the mask mandate on the Greg Tish Show. She acknowledged that criticism of the mandate’s unclear end date is warranted, but she said the County is not ready to repeal the mandate yet.

According to the Leon County Facebook page, Leon County “will be responding quickly” when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) no longer recommend face coverings.

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  1. It seems that everyday, we learn something new about the CDC and the WHO…….. that they have been LYING TO US. They have been manipulating the Numbers of Covid Positives and the Covid Tests and the worthless Democrats are just as bad if not worse. It has been over 4 Years since the MSM, CNN and MSNBC has told the truth about anything.

  2. Soooo….the CDC says that the deaths from COVID were slightly overstated….by 94%.
    That 94% who died had an average of 2.3 co-morbidities and were mostly aged 74-85.
    161K deaths just went down to under 10K with Covid as the singular cause.

  3. It appears Covid 19 numbers in Leon County are going down so I will continue to wear my mask and I have contracted Covid 19. I’m quarantining for 14 days to keep everyone else safe.

  4. My grandson contracted covid-19 here in Tallahassee. He is 24 years old. Went to the hospital with a fever and tested positive. They sent him home. Told him to take Motrin and rest. He lived alone. His father brought food to his front door every day and called him to come outside and pick it up. He was sick for about a week and fully recovered. If he had not survived it would have reflected great discredit upon those who had his health in charge, that is, the commissioners and hospital.

  5. The real question is… did Commissioner Desloge make certain that he stayed at least 6’ away from the camera, and that the camera lens was equipped with a mask? It’s almost as risky as holding a Zoom meeting where no one on my computer screen is wearing a mask… (sarcasm off)

    Unfortunately, the other option in this race is equally malleable, also supports the Marxist BLM movement/organization, and would continue the mask mandate as well.

    My kingdom for an option!

  6. Lack of the disclosure of the metrics used to determine restrictions on its citizens is not limited to Leon County government. The COT recreation department has limited the use of tennis courts at Forest Meadows to every other court on the basis of a suggestion offered by the US Tennis Association at the outbreak of the virus. Six months later they refuse to move off that restriction but will give no indication what metric was used to limit use or the metric needed to open up use. Forget the absence of logic in the thinking that it is presumably safe for players to play on the same court but not safe to play when an adjoining court is in use. Forget also that tennis is ranked next to last in the threat to contract the virus…just above opening the mail. One thing is for sure and that is common sense is not the metric being used by the COT recreation department to allow use of the tennis facilities by its citizens.

  7. Time to vote you all out … masks are nothing but control and total garbage … they don’t stop this virus all you are doing is muzzling people and destroying business so you can control us … screw you ….

  8. “Desloge said the indicators are the number of emergency room visits, the number of new cases, the test positivity rate, and the hospital capacity.” BUT he can’t actually tell you WHAT the numbers are! ??????????

  9. You are a Commissioner, NOT a Doctor. You’re decisions are entirely based on gaining votes. You are killing small businesses. Desloge has been in office too long and thinks he is important and is power hungry! Quick reminder, Commandant Desloge, you are one step higher than a citizen. You need a reality check! VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!

    1. Over two months for the county commission to acknowledge what indicators that they are tracking and Com Desloge makes no mention of any specific numbers or trends they are seeing. Funny how
      COVID deaths are not brought up at all.

  10. God gave you a brain Kommissar Desloge, use it. Relying on the CDC for this scamdemic is the cowards way out. You and your comrades are despicable.

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