Say No 2 Doak PAC Ties Abortion, Drug Legalization to City Commission Races

Say No 2 Doak PAC Ties Abortion, Drug Legalization to City Commission Races

Dianne Williams-Cox is being attacked again for her decision not to entangle Tallahassee City Commission business with abortion politics.

Tallahassee Reports has obtained a copy of a mailer (shown below) that was scheduled to hit mailboxes today. The Say No 2 Doak PAC is paying to send the campaign mailer which supports Adner Marcelin and criticizes his opponent, Dianne Williams-Cox, for voting against a city commission sponsored abortion resolution and two other issues.

The messaging on the mailer indicates the target audience are Democrat voters.

The Say No 2 Doak PAC is run by campaign consultant Max Herrle and is funded, in part, by the Green Advocacy Project – a progressive organization based in Palo Alto, California. The Green Advocacy Project is run by individuals with ties to Bernie Sanders.

The Say No 2 Doak PAC was created – as the title implies – to promote candidates that are opposed to the Blueprint funding of FSU stadium upgrades.

However, the mailer, which addresses the FSU funding upgrades, also criticizes Dianne Williams-Cox on three unrelated issues which are important to the progressive movement: abortion, marijuana legalization, and the minimum wage.

On the abortion issue, the mailer attacks Williams-Cox for voting against an abortion resolution that passed the city commission with a 3-2 vote.

Williams-Cox and Commissioner Curtis Richardson voted against the resolution, not because they are against abortion -they are both pro-choice – but because they did not view this as a local issue.

At the time of the vote, Dianne Williams-Cox said she could not support the resolution, though she believes in a woman’s choice to make the decision regarding her own body. “We are out of our lane here,” she said, “we should not be dealing with this issue. This is an issue for the legislature.”  

This is not the first time Williams-Cox has been attacked during her campaign over her vote against the abortion resolution.

The name of City Commissioner Jack Porter, who has endorsed Adner Marcelin, was recently used in text messages over the abortion resolution issue.

The “Say No 2 Doak” mailer also criticizes Williams-Cox’s vote against legalizing marijuana and instituting a $15 minimum wage for the City’s Park and Recreation workers.

TR reached out to Adner Marcelin via email for comment, but he has yet to respond.

Say No 2 Doak Mailer Supporting Adner Marcelin

37 Responses to "Say No 2 Doak PAC Ties Abortion, Drug Legalization to City Commission Races"

  1. Barb- Thank you for the great post. Sadly, we live in a town where we are often forced to select the lesser of two evils. The abortion issue was brought up for this very reason, political theater. They know it’s a hot button issue but it isn’t a local issue. The minimum wage issue was voted for already and is tiered over several years even though it will cost jobs. It’s not a coincidence that Publix has installed self checkout registers. Jeremy Matlow, Jack ” Don’t call me Jacqueline” Porter and Adner wouldn’t make Tallahassee a better and safer place to live. Just look at progressive cities.

    “Keep California funded politics out of Tallahassee!

    Defeat the Adner Marcelin/Ben Crump team

    Vote for Dianne Williams-Cox

    Defeat the Jeremy Matlow/Andrew Gillum/Ben Crump team

    Vote for David Bellamy’

  2. Keep California funded politics out of Tallahassee!

    Defeat the Adner Marcelin/Ben Crump team

    Vote for Dianne Williams-Cox

    Defeat the Jeremy Matlow/Andrew Gillum/Ben Crump team

    Vote for David Bellamy

  3. @Hope Re: “… setting up lake monitoring of water quality and monitoring systems, ” statement is simply not true and you need to ask Mark Heidecker in the Underground Utility Dept. Water quality tests are not done of storm water ponds, let alone at their outfall. But, Debbie would have you believe they are.

    Second, check her own financial contributors to her election campaign: Canopy developers from Orlando

    Take your blinders off

  4. According to Ballotpedia, “Bundling refers to the legal practice of combining several small individual campaign contributions into one large contribution.”

    In other words, “Bundled” contributions are not some mysterious or nefarious thing.

  5. @ Publius,

    Debbie Lightsey’s accomplishments were many… setting up lake monitoring of water quality and monitoring systems, controlling runoff from developments, kept developers in line, Incorporated the Canopy Road policies into the city ordinances, did an excellent job on Blairstone Road structurally and from an environmental perspective.

    Her endorsement for a candidate will go a long way for that candidate.

    As opposed to the elected officials who let the Weelaunee development through from a developer who pays them off in bundled contributions..Mayor DAILEY and Dianne Williams-Cox.

  6. Any campaign piece with Debbie Lightsey’s endorsement goes straight to the trash. No one except one person I know has reviewed her campaign contributions coming from developers in Orlando associated with Canopy.

    Her endorsements and work on stormwater issues and building of massive yet outfalls never tested to see if they work shows a gross lack of knowledge of how downstream pollution is prevented.

    Then, while again, a commissioner, she fought on the side of the city while it was being sued by the State Attorney’s office, Wakulla County, and a citizen over the city’s terrible waste water treatment plant polluting Wakulla Springs!

    Do your research citizens

  7. @ Identity Theft Perpetrator…


    You are adding words that weren’t said to create a false narrative.

    You said that so you are the racist.

    End of discussion now move along.

  8. Max Herrle said a sitting black commissioner was a “stupid little bastard.”

    That’s it. That’s the post.

  9. @ Identity theft perpetrator…

    Sound familiar…

    diagnostic features such as, poor judgment and failure to learn from experience, lack of remorse or shame, impulsivity, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, manipulative behavior …

    I am providing your psychological profile so you will have a self-awareness. Don’t blame me blame the American Medical Association.

  10. @Hope – of course it was a racist dog whistle and dirty and disgusting and indefensible. Similarly racist things were said about Curtis Richardson. Awful.

  11. Hopeful NE Moderate ( identity theft perpetrator)…

    There is nothing racist about that text message. So please don’t attempt that nonsense. I will not defend that language but I also am not going to look the other way when someone is trying to cry racism when there is none there.

    I believe you are taking it out of context and it was because of a vote Nick made. Nick voted for himself to gain campaign contributions and not for the taxpayers he took an oath to serve. I believe it was regarding the $27 million giveaway that Nick Maddox voted for.

    So, please don’t try to cry racism it just doesn’t fly.

  12. Max — still waiting for your defense of calling an African American commissioner a “stupid little bastard.” Why use such racist language?

  13. Hope says:
    August 18, 2022 at 8:01 am

    Thank you, Max, for the insight and clarification. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

    CONGRATULATIONS MAX! Someone thinks you are God The Father.

  14. Anything associated with Max Herrle (too close to Blueprint) or Ben Crump (race hustler) is an automatic NO for me. Doak or not, abortion or not. I have witnessed

  15. The most important accomplishment Dianne Williams-Cox, Mayor Dailey and David Bellamy can provide is to block on the Marxists attempts to take control of our fair City and City Government.

  16. @ Barb…

    You have still not provided any accomplishments, platforms or plans for Dianne Williams-Cox, Mayor Dailey or David Bellamy.

  17. Perhaps, we should thank Jeremy Matlow for his political support of Andrew Gillum.

    Just type in Jeremy Matlow and Andrew Gillum in your search engine and refresh your memory of the Matlow/Gillum team. You can even view the mailer Matlow sent out with a picture of himself with Gillum encouraging voters to vote for both of them.

  18. @Hope continues to conflate the abortion issue. So, let’s try this again:

    Commissioners Williams-Cox and Richardson hold the pro-abortion stand as every Democrat must. It is in the national platform.

    Commissioners Matlow and Porter have taken it further. They MISUSED their Office to engage in abortion activism by passing the Tallahassee Abortion Resolution. They continue to engage in abortion activism by punishing Williams-Cox by recruiting and supporting a primary challenger (Marcelin) because she would NOT misuse her Office. I suspect the plan will be to punish Richardson similarly when the time comes. The squad does not tolerate anything less than full compliance and I suspect that will be true for the people they govern as well.

    Also, notice that Max Herrle didn’t address his clients’ draconian stance on abortion. He understands that doesn’t play well with most of the people on this site. He has reason to believe the class envy card will play well with at least certain people on this site. So, he expresses his indignation at the now infamous $27 million stadium renovation. I believe it’s called “playing politics”.

  19. Breaking news…

    CSC director Cecka Rose Green again contributes to the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce using CSC funds.

    She will be attending the yearly political chamber junket, at the beach, on the taxpayers dime.

    This is in addition to the $100,000 in CSC funds she recently gave to the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.

    Will she be arrested along with her co-conspirators Andrew Gillum and Sharon Lettman-Hicks as she was the third person in this crime family? Perhaps, she can thank Mayor Dailey for his influence in getting her the position as he will be attending this junket, also.

    FBI agents have already attended this Buffalo Pool Party once ( that we know of) will they make an appearance this weekend?

  20. Doak was a very bad deal for taxpayers.

    So was Dianne Williams-Cox and David Bellamy supporting John Dailey’s 2020 CSC property tax hike.

  21. In a Capital District full of vile and despicable elected local officials, let’s be perfectly clear here. A vote for Matlow and against Cox is a vote for the fundamental Marxist takeover of the City Commission. If you cannot see the bigger picture here and are stuck on one or two single issues than you are already lost. To continue hammering on just these one or two topics is sowing confusion and doubt. Exactly what well-trained good Marxists are capable of. After this Tuesday we will see if Florida’s Capital District becomes the wicked offspring of Portlandia, Seattle, San Fransicko, and LA.

    P.S. It’s ironic that everyone seems to have forgotten the Covid Fascism (and still here) which was pushed on us these past 29 months by these same local officials and politicians. But let’s single out only one of the three BP dollars given to ALL the state scruels here. SMH

  22. Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing… try it.

    Regardless of their personal stance on the abortion issue… Richardson and Williams-Cox were correct in their position and vote on the feckless “Killing Innocent Babies Resolution”. Local government has nothing whatsoever to do with Pro Baby Killing crazies.

  23. The City Commission has no business to sponsor an Abortion Resolution So I have to agree with Cox on this one. If the Commission wants to tell everyone that they are PRO Abortion then do it on their own time.

  24. Ed says…

    “1: Richardson and Williams-Cox were correct in their position and vote on the feckless “Killing Innocent Babies Resolution”. Local government has nothing whatsoever to do with Pro Abortion crazies.”

    *Dianne Williams-Cox and Curtis Richardson are PRO-abortion.

    They also accept “bundled” contributions. Curtis even lied about it in the last election on video.

  25. Pat A,

    You are correct.

    I was wondering where you were. I hope you are better and get well soon. I enjoy your comments.

  26. @ Pat A… Good stuff. The truth and facts scare the he// out of the Marxists.

    For the record, my personal pronouns are Mr., Sir, The Honorable, The Incomparable, and American Male… oh, and on certain occasions, Your Highness.

  27. The “Low Information Voter” always makes an impact on elections. Candidates know it.

    The money, power and celebrity of holding elected office has been the cause of many a politician selling his soul to Satan.

    Tallahassee, Leon County and Gadsden County officials are keenly aware of the issues but they have no idea how to solve any of the major ones.

    Gadsden County proposed property tax Bill’s are out and they are higher.

    Last week, I had to visit the HCA Emergency Room in Quincy. Top quality care, for sure. But, my deductible payment had skyrocketed. My guess I was one of the few patients with Health Insurance. Your bill is larger than neccessary because you are paying for the indigent, also.

    The rise in Florida Minimum Wage has not improved the business’s customer service. IMO, the quality of service at most businesses has declined esp McDonald’s.

    Crime and homelessness continue to grow. Our local officials do not have a clue how to solve the problem.

    The purpose of flooding the Country with illegal immigrants is to make elections inconsequential. Just look at California. Once a Conservative state until it was flooded with illegal immigrants. ,

    Conservatives have the right to support themselves while having a large amount of their income taken to support the sick, lame and lazy.

    If you hire any of the major Tallahassee landscaping companies to care for your yard, you are inviting ex-cons and parolees on to your property.

    Slip and Fall Attorneys are responsible for all your insurance premiums rising esp Home Owners.

    Electric Car purchase tax credits are helpful only if you itemize. Multiple reports indicate the Ford Lighting will only run 100 miles while towing a trailer.

    Joe Biden is not running the Country.

    Until we return to an era when people took responsibility for their own survival and stop the pussification of the American male, we are doomed to fail.

    There are only two genders and you cannot change yours.

    If your boyfriend has personal pronouns, he is seeing other men.

    Have a nice day.

  28. Thank you, Max, for the insight and clarification. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

    Also, the 27 million stadium giveawayers do not have any accomplishments or platforms so they are running desperate campaigns.

    The mayor is supposed to show leadership, but he has shown us he has none, he has no accomplishments or platform and he is arrogant, entitled, and desperate. Will he snap?

    Someone will respond to this screaming and yelling like a child, name calling, sexual inappropriateness, abuse, and bullying. And yet their choice has no accomplishment, platform, or plan.

    Ready for incoming..

  29. Max — why weren’t you this polite when calling a black commissioner a “stupid little bastard” in a text to another commissioner?

  30. Again the woke leftists are praying that the FSU donation will somehow whizz off the guilty priveledged white folk and result in you casting your vote for the woke leftists.
    You will live to regret that vote.
    Our communitty owes so much to our local universities. Give them some more money to expand themselves out of the Biden recession. TCC FAMU FSU make your own choice on how to spend the money.
    If FAMU and FSU choose to build skyboxes on top of skyboxes that will be fine. Who are you to chastise a university? Build skyboxes to the sky if that is the univerisity’s choice – it is not your choice after the fact.
    Dont fall for the shills pushing out this +urd of a leftist ploy for your vote unless of course you are a leftist tool/fool.

  31. Say NO 2 Marxists PAC’n Our City Government with Radical Activists!

    1: Richardson and Williams-Cox were correct in their position and vote on the feckless “Killing Innocent Babies Resolution”. Local government has nothing whatsoever to do with Pro Abortion crazies.

    2. The voters supported the CSC with their vote. Whatever local elected folks felt about the matter is moot.

    3. The minimum wage debate has become irrelevant, thanks to the Democrat policies that have led to a historical rise in rent, food, gas, insurance… you name it.

    4. Decriminalization of the hippie lettuce is the right move. Full-blown legalization of recreational use is foolish and wrong. Besides, the weedheads will likely forget to vote… short-term memory loss don’t ya know.

    Vote to block the Marists’ plan to takeover and destroy our fair City.

  32. The mail piece also includes former elected officials including Dot Inman-Johnson, Bob Rackleff, Debbie Lightsey, and many more endorsements who are supporting Adner’s campaign.

    It also talks about the $27,000,000 dollar Doak Campbell vote, but more importantly, how Dianne Williams-Cox took tens of thousands of dollars from Seminole Boosters and FSU Board of Trustee money before and after her vote. I would link to our own reporting here, but I think Steve would probably view that as bad-form to link away from his website.

    I appreciate your coverage of Adner’s campaign, however, I did want to offer a thought on how TR can be a more effective messenger for reform at City Hall:

    The title says “Drug Legalization”. It’s not legalization, it’s decriminalization. I think that people understand the issue better if you say “Pot” or “Weed” Decriminalization, instead of “Drug”, which I think is a very different issue.

    I think most people believe that if you get pulled over leaving the Bradfordville Blues Club with $30 worth of pot, you probably shouldn’t go to jail if that’s the only offense you’ve committed. Under decriminalization, you’d get a ticket. Legalization would be, you could wave the pot around the officers face, and there’s not anything he could do about it. Just some thoughts.

    As always Steve, I appreciate your coverage on these issues! If anyone would ever like to reach out, you can email me at, thank you.

  33. The City Commission doesn’t and shouldn’t have anything to do with abortion policy. Yet, the Progressive Commissioners have a macabre obsession with it….creepy.

    As far as economic issues, Progressives don’t understand economics which is why we have high inflation, a terrible economy, supply chain problems and soon we can add food shortages.

  34. What’s this with Dianne Williams-Cox and SoMo, Ghazvinis, votes for campaign contributions, nonprofits, won’t explain her votes, property on South Monroe, etc…?

    Perhaps there needs to be an investigation and an ethics complaint to bring the truth to the surface.

    Even the Democratic Party insisted the pro Doak voters return their campaign contributions that amounted to quid pro quo. They refused.

    Who is Dianne serving the people she took an oath to serve or herself?

    This article is campaign noise and not getting to the real Nitty Gritty of what is really going on regarding what Dianne Williams-Cox is involved.

    This is what special interest monies stolen from taxpayers pays for; to deflect the truth so the corruption can continue. To make the perpetrator look like they are being attacked.

    Looking forward to a comprehensive investigative report into Dianne’s questionable dealings

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