County Commissioner Brian Welch Refutes “Say No 2 Doak” Claim About Increase in Killearn Estates Traffic

County Commissioner Brian Welch Refutes “Say No 2 Doak” Claim About Increase in Killearn Estates Traffic

In a statement requested by Tallahassee Reports, Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch – who represents voters living in Killearn Estates – refuted claims made in a campaign mailer recently sent to Killearn Estates residents stating that the Northeast Gateway project will “dump thousands of cars into Killearn” and threaten the safety of “our children.”

Commissioner Brian Welch who supported the project and who has been briefed by Blueprint staff and traffic engineers – had a different assessment of the Northeast Gateway.

Campaign Consultant Max Herrle and city commission candidate Adner Marcelin.

Welch’s statement to TR said, “the NE gateway will not increase traffic to KHA, it should serve to reduce it..”

Welch added that not building the Northeast Gateway would cause more traffic thorough Killearn Estates than building it.

Welch also noted that the Killearn Homeowners Association (KHA) negotiated with project officials to ensure that any possible negative traffic impacts were avoided. This was accomplished by requiring that the Shamrock connection to the Northeast Gateway was not open before the road was completed and open to Roberts Road.

The mailer which hit Killearn Estates mailboxes yesterday was funded by the “Say No 2 Doak” PAC who is supporting city commission candidate Adner Marcelin. Marcelin is challenging Tallahassee City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox.

Tallahassee Reports wrote a separate story on Wednesday about a “Say No 2 Daok” PAC mailer sent to Democrat voters supporting Marcelin and targeting Williams-Cox on a number of votes related to progressive issues.

The “Say No 2 Doak” PAC – which is run by Max Herrle – is funded, in part, by a progressive group based in Palo Alto, California.

“Say No 2 Doak” Post Card Targeting Killearn Estates Voters

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  1. …and furthermore, in the TLH Mayor race, saying one is better than the other is like saying the Box Turtle is faster than the Snapping Turtle.

  2. With Progressives and Liberal Democrats, things will have to get a lot worse before the consequences of their actions starts to sink into their tiny brains. And, I blame their poor performance during their school years combined with the dumbing down of college curriculums for their rise to power. On youtube search “Fleccas Talks” and you will discover that today’s youth cannot answer simple questions such as what two countries does the United States border, when did the War of 1812 occur and who fought in the Civil War.

    Seriously, do you really want a Doctor, who has two parttime jobs, working on you? Not me. During an operations, the last thing I want is my doctor worrying about how he will make his house payment. How about all the attorneys in our local government and working as judges that couldn’t make it in the private sector. First off, graduating from FSU law isn’t much of a challenge, anymore. IMO, there isn’t much difference between the candidates and the direction the community goes will pretty much be the same. On the bright side, liberals and progressive will not be able to totally destroy the country in my lifetime.

    In Nevada, you can minor in LQQTB+-+ studies. Good luck paying off your student loans with that. In Virginia, a college is calling for the removal of Thomas Jefferson Statue/Monument. It is stupidity on full display.

    So do yourself a favor, take a week off from the news. Go to Rickey’s in Bainbridge, Georgia for lunch. And ignore the direction the whole country is going. Sooner or later, more than likely later, the Libs will discover you cannot throw money at poverty and homelessness. Stupid is as Stupid does.

  3. The marxistphobia and homophobia is so intense that you bashers are leading folks to believe maybe y’all have such strong marxist snd homo tendencies that you’re trying to stay closeted at all costs. It’s okay, dearies, many of us republicans, democrats conservatives, progressives alike are very accepting if you would like to come out we can help you.

  4. Brian Welch cannot be trusted. He is either ignorant or woefully uninformed on a flawed traffic study performed by a former city traffic consultant and steered along by Max Herrle whom KHA hired to only get screwed.

    He will never get my vote again.

    TR? Is this now the Hope platform? It is agonizing.

  5. @ Barb…

    Bless your sweet little heart.. Jeremy Matlow is not attached to the Gillum corruption. It is Mayor Dailey who “recently” influenced giving one of the parties involved in the Gilliam corruption a position as the CSC slush fund director.

    Still no plan, platform or accomplishment for your corrupt candidates except for bundled contributions, $27 million giveaway, CSC slush fund, non-stop misuse of WCOT, exorbitant raises to top-tier employees, publicity stunts, etc…

    Become informed it is embarrassing.

  6. @Deep Six,

    Type in Jeremy Matlow and Andrew Gillum in your search engine and refresh your memory of the Matlow/Gillum team. You can even view the mailer Matlow sent out with a picture of himself with Gillum encouraging voters to vote for both of them.

    The true believer progressives are also the ones tied to Andrew Gillum.

  7. @ Deep Six,

    Why do you call them wack jobs?

    Your name calling is irresponsible..

    Replace the word whack job and fill it in with the word humanity, fiscally responsible, conservative, and not on the take of bundled contributions and special interests.

    All Democrats, however, Mayor Dailey and Dianne Williams-Cox do not have a plan, platform, or an accomplishment. They gave away $27 million to Doak. They support special interests and not the Tallahassee taxpayers.

    One group of Democrats are responsible and the other group of Democrats are corrupt and only accommodate special interests at the detriment to the Tallahassee taxpayers.

    Instead of jumping on the uninformed bandwagon you should become informed.

  8. Seems like we are being given a choice between the Scott Maddox/Andrew Gillum pay to play wing of corruption, or the totally insane true believer progressive whack jobs. And it seems like Tallahassee Reports is always defending the corrupt establishment side and attacking the whack job progressive side. It’s boring, and all too predictable…

  9. @ Edward Marxist…

    The Marxist, Ed, trying to block the fiscally responsible, No to Doak, and those not on the take of the bundled contributions (bribes).

    Edward and his candidates don’t have a plan, plan or platform and nary an accomplishment. Their only accomplishments are special interests, to serve themselves and their campaign accounts.

    His poor attempt at his crying extremeism at his opponents is only gaslighting and he is exposed to be the Marxist. How the tides have turned.

    Voters are on to them and will not let them steal again. We deserve infrastructure that our taxpayers pay for and not our tax dollars going to their special interests.

  10. Again, according to Ballotpedia, “Bundling refers to the legal practice of combining several small individual campaign contributions into one large contribution.”

    People need to educate themselves regarding these terms so they are not misled or deceived.

  11. The incumbents are certainly not my cup of tea, and I look to the future for a better offering of options to bring a more balanced representation on our City Commission and Mayor’s offices. However, if the Marxists – funded by lots of outside dark money – are successful in their orchestrated and organized quest to take control of our fair City via our City Government, we will all suffer the consequences of apathy.

    We Conservatives – as well as Republicans, Independents, and NPA’s alike – do indeed have a duty and option here… and that is to block the Marxists from achieving their damaging, divisive, and dangerous quest of tranny over our City, local Governments, and ultimately We The People.

    This is an important Election folks… please vote to protect our future, our Freedom, our Liberty, our property rights, our inalienable rights, our hard-earned tax dollars, our families, and especially our children from the destructive Marxist forces waging war against truth, justice, and the American way.

  12. Voters:

    Do NOT vote for the Jeremy Matlow/Andrew Gillum/Ben Crump team.

    Do NOT vote for the Tallahassee (AOC look-alike) squad recruited and Ben Crump endorsed candidate Adner Marcelin.

  13. The Marxists’ staffers on here are losing it… they are “hopeless” shall we say?

    Like I always say; No matter how you arrange the letters D E M O C R A T… it will always spell HYPOCRITE

  14. According to Ballotpedia, “Bundling refers to the legal practice of combining several small individual campaign contributions into one large contribution.”

    In other words, “Bundled” contributions are not “bribes”. People need to educate themselves so they are not misled or deceived.

  15. @ Barb Marxist..

    Bless your sweet little heart..

    You and others started the name calling… if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen..

    You are the real Marxist here.. own it.

  16. Are NE, CC, and David going to receive little gold stars next to their posts?

    Isn’t referring to @Edward Lyle as Edward Marxist and even Edward Karl Marxist name calling or perhaps identity theft?

    Seems like manipulative behavior to me.

  17. @Relief Needed: Please show me where I am spreading “Fear” in my Post. I’ll wait.

    Also: So, you are “For SURE” knowing that the Widening of Shamrock is dead in the water and no Cars will be rerouted through Killearn to ease Traffic on Thomasville Road? If true, where are they being rerouted to? Will it be Bradfordville Road to Appalachee Parkway (Hwy 27S)?

  18. Blairstone Road was one of Tallahassee’s biggest controversies at one time and look how beautiful that turned out. It became an asset to the surrounding neighborhoods and the entire region.

    It has to be planned properly and Welaunee was not.

    Thank you NE and CC for civility.

  19. @David Shamrock Street is NOT getting widened. Stop the fear tactics. Centerville Rd NEEDS relief. Try driving Centerville near the schools in the morning. As a Killearn resident, I can’t wait for the relief. The schools NEED more than that one entrance.

  20. Killearn doesn’t want to be the center of Tallahassee. Killearn was right to oppose the taxpayer-funded developer subsidy which is the Northeast Gateway, and whatever benefits for KHA might exist had to be tacked on. Ask Bryan Desloge, Welaunee and the NE Gateway not for Killearn they are for developers and landwoners.

    Killearn Homeowners grandstanding? Standing up for their own interests is more like it, now they’ve gone soft and easily hoodwinked by staff.

    And if you thought the Ghazvinis/Grow Tallahassee were bad… just wait until D.R. Horton comes to town, which they are. Keynote sponsors at the Chamber conference at the Ritz on Amelia Island this weekend. Cookie-cutter neighborhoods and cheaply built houses here we come.

  21. Brian Welch is right. The NE gateway project was designed to relieve traffic congestion on Thomasville Road and Capital Circle NE. Furthermore, it will reduce traffic in Killearn by providing another exit point, thereby reducing the traffic jam at the front of Killearn every single day. The Killearn Board that originally opposed this connection did so for nothing more than political grandstanding. Fortunately, the days of John Paul Baily, Gloria Arias and David Ferguson are over. Not to mention this project was passed by referendum. I hope the people in Killearn can read past the idiotic politics behind this mailer. If anything this new road will increase the values of every single home by giving them a geographical advantage and essentially making Killearn the center of Tallahassee. To suggest otherwise is just disengenuous.

  22. The Marxists always exploit the “it’s all about the children” strategy. Out of one side of their mouth they claim to care about children… but out of the other side of their mouth, they demand their right to kill them up to and including post birth. If you fall for any of their propaganda, lies, and tricks, then you’ve already made your mistake.

    I remember when people who suggested that gay marriage would be a slippery slope were mocked, maligned, and slandered as “conspiracy theorists”… now the Gender Dysphoria Nazis seek to trans kindergarteners and draw innocent impressionable children into their sick, twisted, unnatural, and unhealthy lifestyle.

    The Marxists hate the idea of personal property ownership and property owner rights. They despise single-family home developments. Their goal is to force everyone to live downtown in a 600 sq’ft box stacked atop each other, and want everyone to get rid of their cars/trucks and get around by skateboard.

    Please consider voting to block these Marxists from taking over and destroying our fair City and City Government.

  23. Great point, David.

    The new I-10 interchange going to be a mess for northeast in general. People need to get past this knee-jerk stuff and realize Ben Pingree’s Drewprint is all about re-shaping Tallahassee.

  24. Unless it has changed….. the last version I remember seeing was still the Widening of Shamrock to take cars off of Centerville Road and off of Thomasville Road. Once you widen Shamrock, it WILL increase Traffic through Killearn.

    I hate to say this but, think about it before you attack me.
    It might be time that the Commissioners (City & County) admit just how bad they screwed up and look into widening the two Canopy Roads flanking “The Canopy” Subdivision and leave Killearn alone.

    ALSO: the last I remember, they were also talking about an I-10 On & Off Ramps on Centerville Road in the near Future. If that is still true, it too needs to be factored in any plans being made.

  25. The $80m Northeast Gateway was protested by hundreds of Killearn residents and KHA took a vote opposing it, even in its final amended “compromise” form.

    Really reaching here, Steve. Northeast residents did not benefit from or ask for this project. Calling the homeowners leftist is just wacky. It is for new future Welaunee Plantation residents, paid for by Killearn and other existing neighborhoods who have paid the taxes to fund it. And yes it will increase traffic pressure, threaten Centerville canopy, etc

  26. Killearn owners should not allow their vote to be swayed by clever leftist post cards. Killearn owners I thought you were better than that.

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