The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, July 12

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, July 12


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As the City of Tallahassee debates the need for more revenues to fund law enforcement, the most recent statistics show that reported violent crime incidents in 2023 have increased 11.6% when compared to the same time in 2022. Get the details.

A Leon County judge has set the bond at $25,000 yesterday for a man accused of killing a woman in a hit-and-run incident on West Tennessee Street from back in late May. The man was eventually found and arrested in Muscogee County, GA on June 30.

Tallahassee Police arrested Solomon Sadiq in connection to a University Courtyard Apartments shooting back on July 8. The victim, who was killed in the shooting, has yet to be identified. The suspect was in possession of a stolen firearm and attempted to take an officer’s weapon during the arrest.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom is demanding an investigative probe be launched into the illegal alien flights from Florida to California. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called it “absurd” and pledging completing the southern border wall and keeping Mexican drug cartels accountable.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is requesting Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify before the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking. Moody cited that Zuckerberg’s Meta social media platforms are used in human trafficking, including 146 cases in Florida.


In the third day of the MLB Draft, the San Diego Padres selected FSU pitcher Carson Montgomery with the 341st pick. Montgomery appeared in 16 games, pitched 45 innings, and finished the season with a 7.00 ERA.


8 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, July 12"

  1. After-the-fact armchair QB-ing law enforcement is unhelpful. Doing so w/o even cursory research is willfully ignorant.

    I would rather too many officers arrive than too few, for their protection as well as others, especially after officers were recently ambushed under fire.

    Violent, mentally-altered, (street-drug-induced psychosis and otherwise,) crime is ongoing. Recent headlined stories included.

    For the individual who wondered why there was such a huge LE presence and blocked lanes at Monroe/7th a couple of weeks ago, a lovely older gentleman named Patrick “Paddy” McCaffrey was hit there by a vehicle and killed. I do not know the details, personally, but the scene as described suggest it was rather horrific and gruesome and took some time to clear. I knew him from the many conversations we had during his respites on his walks. The Democrat ran an article on him. He was quite beloved. Given the circumstances and location of his untimely death, I imagine there were crowd issues, as well. While travelers were inconvenienced, friends of his were processing the sudden shock and loss…and law enforcement and others on scene were likely clearing a scene most wouldn’t want to see in their nightmares.

    Question authority, absolutely! Just remember that these are human beings doing jobs most wouldn’t perform for any amount of money.

    The problem? I agree with those looking at the DA!! STOP ENABLING VIOLENT CRIMINALS with downgraded charges and catch and release, especially those with a history of mental derangement!!

  2. Of course official channels will try to scare us into raising taxes. Anita Favors said the City needed to raise taxes for more police last time. City overspent for PBA dues and large taxpayer-funded pensions they promised the union boss, now asking us to cover their political endorsement kickbacks by raising our property tax rates. Maddox-era moves here by the Tax Hike Three and insider-installed City mgmt

  3. reference: “Tallahassee Police arrested Solomon Sadiq”

    Please do not cut the “School to Prison” pipeline.

  4. @ Pete: I back Law Enforcement 100%. Do we need more Officers, yeah, we could always use more Officers. The problem is HOW they are being utilized. They did NOT need over a Dozen Officers at that Gas Station. I live right down the road from there, that is where I get gas. I stand by what I said. Go by a Crime scene location after a Shooting took place and the shooter is no longer there and just watch what is going on, take it all in and watch. You will see what I see. I stand by what I said. Crime is going up not because of no Cops but because of the lack of proper Charges being handed down. The Charges need to fit the Crime, to many Attempted Murder Charges are being down graded to Assault Charges or even less. THAT is the issue, we need to clean house at the D.A.’s Office.

  5. The voters in Tallahassee are TOTALLY to blame for our problems.
    Democrat/Progressive Tallahassee politicians may appear invincible because they use deception to make us think that we are weak and powerless. They keep pounding away to make us think that we have no voice in the community.
    No so!
    At the moment they are in control.
    So, we must be relentless a challenge them Every. Single. Day.
    Never forget that they control through fear. They do not speak for the majority of good, honest people of this town.
    Do not buy in to their narrative.
    If you do. Then you deserve what we have governing us now.

  6. David: I disagree. We Do need more law enforcement officers. Due to the BLM movement and poor treatment of officers, many law enforcement officers have left the profession. Crime is skyrocketing, especially in Leon County where the state attorney is practicing Catch and Release. Before You decide how many officers are needed in a situation you know nothing about, join the force and contribute. They need all the help they can get.

  7. A portion of the blame for the increased Crime Levels belongs to the D.A.’s Office for being too soft on Criminals. Down grading Charges just to make it easier to close a Case and increase you Conviction Rate is just WRONG in my Book.

  8. YES, we could use more Law Enforcement BUT, I believe the bigger problem is in how our Law Enforcement is being utilized. Over a Dozen Officers were sent to a Shooting at a Gas Station that had already taken place is over kill. 8 at most in the beginning OK but, as soon as the threat was assessed and found to be over, 5 Officers should have gone back on patrol leaving just 3 at the scene to work with the Detectives. If you can afford to send over a Dozen Officers, leaving areas unpatrolled then, you must not really need more Officers like you say you do. If all those Officers were not Patrol Officers then, your Force is too top heavy so, could that be why you need more Officers?.

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