The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, July 17

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Monday, July 17


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TR EXCLUSIVE: For the July 10-16 week, TPD reported 78 crime incidents. This included 28 violent crime incidents which is 28.4% more than the average number of violent crime incidents reported on a weekly basis in 2022, which was 21.8. Get the details.

On July 10th, the Leon County School Board addressed several issues during their Agenda Review Meeting, including how LCS might find an athletic trainer for Chiles High School which has been struggling to hire one. Get the details. 

A Wakulla County man was arrested last week in connection to the death of a one-year-old and court documents detailed a graphic scene of how the child was “beaten to death.” The child was found unresponsive in a Dollar General parking lot and detectives immediately noticed signs of physical abuse on the child.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said over the weekend that he would consider Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds as a running mate should he win the GOP nomination in 2024. Reynolds has appeared at numerous events with DeSantis, along with other GOP candidates, but specifically moderated a conversation with DeSantis and his wife, Casey.

DeSantis also stated that he had little faith that Congress would ever pass a six-week abortion ban even if he was president and asked for it to hit his desk. “And so I think we’re going to really have a strong bottom up approach,” DeSantis said. “We’re going to be working with states and localities to be able to advance the cause of life.”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, candidate for president for the GOP ticket, said he is strong enough to meet the qualifications for the first GOP debate. Suarez said he raised $13.6 million and had $5.9 million cash on-hand at the end of 2022.  To compare, former President Donald Trump raised $54 million in the first six months of 2023 and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis raised $20 million in his first six weeks as a candidate.


Florida State women’s basketball announced they are going to Greece and Croatia on an international tour. On Aug. 8, the Seminoles will scrimmage against the Canadian All-Star Team in Athens. FSU will also face Team Croatia in Dubrovnik on Aug. 12.


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  1. I hadn’t needed a repair shop since the 80s. Back then I’d have breakfast every weekend at Jim & Milt’s with 5 or 6 other guys, all of which were car guys and 2 of which worked for Elmer Sheffield down on South Adams. I never prepaid anything with Sheffield’s, but with friends in the front office and in the shop it never occurred to me. 40 years later paying for parts didn’t seem out of line since they were all bolt-on (rear bumper) and I’d have paid for the parts if I intended to fix it myself. I didn’t go through small claims court. When I figured out that the guy/shop was such an overt fraud I pursued legal action against him and didn’t want to give anyone the excuse “oh, he’s repaid you now so we’re dropping the case”. And now that he’s skipped town, of course, small claims and/or lawyers are just throwing good money after bad.

  2. If you had to pay up front for the parts that is a good indication that you need to turn around and run as fast as you can. Then find a repair shop where you don’t prepay until all the work is completed with a guarantee.

    I have dealt with a second rate repair shop before on a big repair and they were referred to me by TPD! Fortunately a corporation involved in the accident who was at fault was paying the bill, but the repair just took so long and would promise a completion date that went on for months.

    Have you tried filing a complaint in small claims court?

  3. @Nicholas — It was a vehicle repair (body shop). They’re regulated by the Department of Agriculture Consumer Services, where I’d started my complaint after being shunned by TPD. I’d had a minor accident, received a check from Geico, the at-fault driver’s insurer, and took the vehicle to the “wrong” shop. The work was supposed to have been done at Lisa’s, but unknown to me she had moved and her old location was occupied by a new shop. My phone’s search app still had Lisa’s at the old address so I went in to ask what had happened to Lisa’s and was lied to. Since I needed the vehicle fixed, I arranged for the to fix it and prepaid enough to order the obvious parts. (I shouldn’t have done that.) After that it was a fight. I never saw proof that they’d ordered the parts, couldn’t get my money back, and couldn’t get the vehicle repaired.

  4. What was the business, who was the owner, what kind of work were you having done, did you write a review, did you file a report with the Better Business Bureau, did you contact the news, etc?

  5. @Little Flower. I thought that I had pulled in the “big guns” and contacted the State’s Attorney’s office. I had done my homework on the guy, including his history of “failed businesses”, business(es) that were impacted by his deceit, and insurers that had already had so much trouble from the business that they were sending their claimants elsewhere. After hearing nothing from them for several months I sent a letter to the top of that pile, and soon thereafter got a phone call from someone there who gave me a status. A while later I got an email from someone asking me for my documentation on the problem. When I got no further contact I tried to reach him, but he never answered his phone, nor did he return my message(s). When I noticed the business closed, I finally got a response that amounted to, “His business is closed now so we’ve done our job. If you want to try and get your money back you could hire a lawyer.”

    The felons seem to have free range today. Unfortunately, this ain’t the old west and Joe Average can’t “work it out” directly with the crooks.

    But I’m not above beating a dead horse, either. Moody’s office will be my next stop!

  6. @A Skeptic, you should contact the Attorney General Ashley Moody’s Senior Protection Team. According to their website, they help Floridians 60 and older who are victims of fraud.

  7. I had a local business defraud me of over $2,500 last summer. I walked into the police station, spoke with the officer on the front desk, and said that I wanted to file a report of a felony fraud on somebody over 65. Not only did the officer decline to put me in contact with anyone to take the report, his only response was to “work it out with your insurance company”.

    The guy has since closed his business and left town so I’m out the money.

    Somehow, I feel like any overt action that I’d taken to recover the money directly from the business wouldn’t have been ignored so casually.

  8. Dianne Williams-Cox, Curtis Richardson and John Dailey are raising our property taxes. Same people who gave us Reese Goad and the current ineffective police chief who has offered nothing but excuses despite having the biggest part of the City budget.

    We must finally reject the old guard establishment in 2024

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