The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, December 6

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Wednesday, December 6

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Tallahassee’s infrastructure development agency, Blueprint, has broken ground on its Northeast Gateway project. The agency’s leadership predicts the new project will have a major impact on Leon County’s economy.

A 14-year-old was arrested Monday after bringing a box cutter on Raa Middle School’s campus. Students alerted school administrators of a situation involving a student who may have had a weapon on campus, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office says. A box cutter was discovered in the seventh grader’s possession once the Leon County School Resource Deputy was contacted and a search was initiated.

The latest reports show that Leon County lost 185 jobs in October. There were 163,844 people working in Leon County in October compared to last month’s revised employment number of 164,029. Get the details.

On November 6th, the Leon County Children’s Services Council (CSC) – in a press release – announced the group would change their funding priorities for the upcoming year.


Gov. Ron DeSantis recommended setting aside $1 million for potential litigation expenses following Florida State University controversially not being chosen to compete in the College Football Playoff. DeSantis referred to the decision of the College Football Playoff Committee to leave FSU out of the playoff a “really, really poor decision.”

On Tuesday afternoon, another member of Florida State’s roster announced their intentions to transfer from the program. Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Qae’shon Sapp will be moving on after two seasons in Tallahassee. He’s the second member of the 2022 class and offensive line to enter the portal on the same day, following fellow redshirt freshman Daughtry Richardson.


Gov. Ron DeSantis sounded off on some of former President Donald Trump’s recent attacks, calling Trump a “keyboard warrior” who should participate in the Republican primary debates. The fourth debate will take place Wednesday, absent Trump, who’s typically held his own programming before or during the debates.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis – in New Hampshire – said that there were too many “foreigners” in American universities. He contended that “foreign students don’t have the right” to study domestically. “If you’re on a student visa and you’re making common cause with Hamas here, I’m going to cancel your visa and send you home,” DeSantis said.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is asking state legislators in the coming year to embrace a $114.4 billion recommended budget that boosts teacher pay, sets aside more money for Everglades restoration and also calls for a one-time cut in taxes and fees paid by residential homeowners on their insurance policies.


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  1. @August — I was working for Citizens as a data analyst back when we had that batch of hurricanes. None were major hurricanes and they all moved along as they faded out so there wasn’t massive damage or flooding.

    Ian surpassed Andrew as the costliest hurricane to every hit Florida. 6 years ago was Hurricane Michael and the major damage it did to the Panama City area.

    I hate overpaying for risk avoidance just like everyone else and don’t mean to be making excuses for the new rates. But I understand them.

  2. @ Skeptic

    They went up faster and farther under Ron DeSantis than anyone else. We had five hurricanes in one year once and my insurance didn’t go up a cent. So don’t pretend politicians have nothing to do with it. They most certainly do.

  3. @August — Insurance rates won’t go down very far no matter who’s in office.

    Hurricane Ian raised hell with Florida last year. It bankrupted a couple of insurers and drove others out of Florida. Those that survived have incurred huge losses (payouts) and have raised rates to recover from those claims. In 40 years of home ownership I’ve never had a damage claim from a hurricane or anything else and had my policy canceled earlier this year when the company left Florida. The first replacement policy my agent found had premiums that were triple last years.

    This year’s an exception, with little hurricane damage. We need a few more years like this.

  4. Not voting for Ron for anything until my homeowners insurance goes down. So he’s sol…cause it ain’t goin’ down.

  5. @ Frank & A Skeptic = I used to carry a Locking 5″ Buck Knife in High School, worked it so I was able to just flick it quick and the Blade would open and Lock. EVERY TRUCK in both my Jr. High and High School had a 3 Place Gun Rack and they were all full of Guns. In the mornings before Classes started, I can remember Teachers in the Parking Lot checking out the Guns and showing off their Guns and bragging about hunting.

    NOW, Can’t do that. About 10 Years ago, at my old High School, a Student had the Cops called on her and she was Suspended because someone walked past her Car, looked in and saw a Butter Knife on the Floor and reported her. This was a Monday and she told the Cop that she helps her Mom on the Weekends with Parties and that was left in her Car by mistake. The Cop did not arrest her after talking to Her Mother BUT, She was still Suspended. A Toddler in Elementary School was expelled because he was playing Cowboys with other Kids, a Teacher saw him point his Finger at another Boy and yell Bang. It’s Sad Times we live in.

  6. @Frank — We used to put a shotgun in the back seat of the car or a rifle in the back truck window, but times change and we can’t do that today. Someone would break the window and steal the weapon.

    I like DeSantis as our governor, but it’s time for him to drop out of the presidential race and focus on the job Floridians hired him to do. Regarding the debates, Trump is right. If Trump’s in the debate it’s a circus to see who can score the most points against him. As it is now, the debaters have to have real policies and answers.

  7. Why did the 14 Year Old have a Box Cutter on Campus? Did he forget he had it with him? Did he want it for Protection?

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