The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, February 22, 2024

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The City Commission held a meeting last night. Get an update with TR’s meeting briefs.

Downtown restaurant owner speaks at Leon County Commission meeting in support of trespassing ordinance.

Law enforcement officials announced its first Cold Case Task Force on Wednesday. Tallahassee Police Department, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office of the Second Judicial Circuit have partnered to solve over 100 cold cases throughout the region. The various agencies are hoping newer technology such as DNA or advanced computer technology will help to solve these cases and bring justice to the victims’ families.

On Tuesday night, the Leon County Commission voted 5-2 (O’Keefe, Proctor against) to adopt an ordinance that would make it easier for private property owners to request help from law enforcement related to panhandling.

Capital City Bank recognized 31 of its best and brightest sales and service leaders at its annual Star Summit event, recently held at the Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah, Georgia.


Getting back to the state final four had been a long time coming for the Maclay boys soccer team. On Wednesday, for the first time since 2020, the Marauders were in the state semifinals and two wins away from bringing home a state title.

FSU women’s basketball and Boston College meet for the 22nd time on Thursday night at 6 p.m. at the Donald L. Tucker Center. The Seminoles (19-8, 10-5) look to clinch their 10th 20-win season in their last 11 seasons, which excludes the 2020-21 COVID year when they played just 19 games. Junior forward Makayla Timpson is searching for her sixth consecutive double-double on Thursday night.


Several prominent conservative personalities have come out against a piece of Florida legislation that would make it easier to sue media outlets for defamation. Specifically, the bill by Rep. Alex Andrade, R-Pensacola, would assume media outlets engaged in “actual malice” if they publish false statements given to them by anonymous sources, for the purpose of defamation cases. Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller, Libs of Tik Tok personality Chaya Raichik, Jack Posobiec, have all come out against the bill and Dan Bongino has signaled support for killing the legislation.

The Florida Senate gave final approval to a bill that would permit the release of documents relating to convicted sex offender and now-deceased Jeffrey Epstein as part of a 2006 Florida grand jury investigation. The bill expands the rules for allowing the release of evidence and/or testimony from a grand jury. At the time, Epstein escaped with far less severe punishment relating to allegations regarding his solicitation of minors for sexual activity.

A session of the Florida House yesterday saw Florida’s school chaplains bill survived attempts to amend the bill from House Democrats. HB 931 would “authorize volunteer school chaplains to provide support, services, and programs to students as assigned by the district school board or charter school governing board” with parental consent for the counseling.


The White House is considering using provisions of federal immigration law repeatedly tapped by former President Donald Trump to unilaterally enact a sweeping crackdown at the southern border, according to three people familiar with the deliberations.

Nikki Haley ‘s best-case scenario for her home state’s Republican primary might be to do well enough to make the March 5 Super Tuesday slate somewhat competitive against Donald Trump.

Biden administration cancels $1.2B in federal student debt for roughly 153,000 people who borrowed less than $12K and have made payments for at least 10 years (More).  

US stock markets close mixed (S&P 500 +0.1%, Dow +0.1%, Nasdaq -0.3%); Federal Reserve meeting minutes from January indicate officials see risks in cutting rates too soon (More).


6 Responses to "The Tallahassee Reports Daily Briefs: Thursday, February 22, 2024"

  1. DSP,

    Hope Is Coming!! You will be free on November 6th when the candidate they replace Bye-Done with concedes defeat.



  2. @Jack quillman:

    “Why would the Russians NOT want Biden for the next four years ?”

    Why would they want him is more like it when you compare him to the Putin but kissing sycophant alternative is more like it? Trump literally praises Putin and went on record saying he should ‘do whatever the hell he wants’ in regard to Nato countries, because he doesn’t care. Biden is trying to get more arms to Ukraine

    In any situation, your line of questioning makes even less sense given the observed reality of the ‘source’ of impeachment ‘evidence’ has confessed to getting the story from the Russians.

    If the Russians wanted Biden, why work with someone to gin up a phony story to get him impeached? You think they’re long play was to do it, then have the guy get fingered, and have the impeachment blow up in Comer and Jordan’s faces? How much sense does that make? Wow.

    @Nicholas Weed –

    “I, also, once had simplistic worldviews, then I turned 10.”

    Good one! Man, do I feel dumb. I am not really clear how relating the reality based observation that the source of information for the impeachment was tied to Russian intellience as ‘simplistic’. What’s your take on the story?

    Hey, have you bought your new pair of Trump shoes yet, or are you just not a real patriot?

  3. “Specifically, the bill by Rep. Alex Andrade, R-Pensacola, would assume media outlets engaged in “actual malice” if they publish false statements given to them by anonymous sources, for the purpose of defamation cases.”

    Now this is actually pretty funny; the people complain constantly about the media don’t want accountability placed on *them*, because publishing untruths is how they get their rage clicks from their anger addicted base. As usual, a conservative is don’t like laws when it might affect them personally, and not just people they don’t like.

    If Stephen Miller,Chaya Raichik, Jack Posobiec don’t like it, you know it is a step in the right direction. Keep the bill!

    Hey, did any TR regulars see that the guy who was the crux of the Biden impeachment ‘evidence’ has admitted to the FBI that he lied about the whole thing and was in bed with Russian intelligence agents? What a crazy surprise! James Comer and Jim Jordan are the dumbest of the dumb and so many people took their ‘allegations’ seriously. Why ?

  4. What do you mean our first “Cold Case Task Force”? We have always had a Cold Case Department in Law Enforcement.

    Why wouldn’t you want to make it easier for private property owners to request help from law enforcement related to panhandling?

    Media outlets ARE engaging in “Actual Malice” if they publish false statements given to them by anonymous sources. That is WHY they have to VET the Source AND what was told to them. This is why I have been saying Journalism is dead.

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