Lisa Brown Brings World View to County Commission Race

Lisa Brown Brings World View to County Commission Race

Lisa Brown stood before the African Development Educators Program in Nairobi earlier this year as their very first woman graduation speaker. As she looked over the crowd of people who came from all over the continent to learn how to solve development issues like housing, hunger, transportation, education and women’s issues, she thought about home.

“These developing countries have literally almost nothing, yet you can see things happening for them,” she said, “And I think, wow, imagine what we could do with what we have (in Leon County).”

Brown, who is running for the Leon County Commission At-Large Seat, said, “When you witness successful programs that provide a hand up, not a hand out in developing countries that have so little, you realize that we have no excuse. We have to do better.” currently lists seven candidates for the seat currently held by Mary Ann Lindley.

Brown, a third generation Tallahassean, is President and CEO at Tallahassee-Leon Federal Credit Union and an adjunct professor at Flagler College.

She points to a reputation as a turn-around CEO, rescuing financial institutions in trouble and her time traveling the world, volunteering her time consulting with financial regulators, individual institutions, and small business owners as qualifications which uniquely qualify her to sit on the County Commission.

She has a master’s in business administration and multiple international certifications in Development Education.

During her run for the Tallahassee City Commission, which she lost to Jeremy Matlow, Brown identified economic vitality, crime, and brand as priorities. She believes improving Tallahassee’s economy will influence the crime rate. Improving the economy and crime problem will allow the city to improve its tarnished brand image.

“I am excited to bring my experience and understanding of more than just how to run a business, how to manage multi-million-dollar budgets, and the intricacies of bond ratings. I help people every day in Leon County work toward their financial dreams. I see the struggles that working families have to make ends meet and I will work tirelessly to bring training and employment opportunities to Leon County – assuring that all boats rise.”

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  1. She’s Self-serving and dangerous, narcissistic and a form of nepotism exist in her world, trust me. I have had the dubious pleasure working with her for several years.

  2. I believe this is a nice article, but it is clearly a Fluff piece.

    It doesn’t mention that she lost to Matlow only months ago.

    I believe she lost because everyone figured out that Ric Fernandez’s brother-in-law serves on the board at her credit union and Dustin Daniels was on the board as well.

    I believe the “scandal” was that she used Credit Union funds to pay for a country music video she was using as a way to self promote herself to enter into politics.

    I believe the final straw was when Matlow exposed her for having drinks over at the Governor’s Club with chairman of the Republican Party executive committee.

    1. Are we to elect this lady whose government knowledge (not experience) is measured by her apparent awakening in Africa to the problems inherent in education, housing, hunger and transportation and her dream of bringing their solutions to Leon county? She has no known government experience, which may be a good thing, but only when other life experiences can fill in the gaps.
      Questionable friends
      Apparently ethics deaf.

  3. I remember her Running before and didn’t like her views on a lot of topics. I am surprised she is running again. She runs a Credit Union so I am sure she makes more money then this Job would pay her. I have listened to a few people running for County Commissioner and they seem to think they can keep their regular Jobs like the Commissioners in Walkula County. She is too well connected to the same people that would be and are City Vendors. I can’t wait to see who her Donors will be.

  4. What is this lol? A ridiculous puff piece with no journalistic value. Why aren’t you covering any of the other candidates?

  5. She is an asset to our communitty in the field of managing a private financial business which is highly regulated with enough checks and balances to keep her honest and acting in her depositors best interest!!! Congrats on that Ms. Brown!!!!
    Private success does not always transfer into public success.
    She is a dangerous dreamer if elected into the field of local politics. She sees the unlimited funds she can access from the slush fund that is the unaccountable City run Utilities and the ease of jacking Leon County’s property tax for any perceived socially needed or not needed program.
    Dear Lord the woman’s not even in local political office yet and she’s dreaming of jacking some sort of rate on you locals to fund a dream in the far away land of Nairobi.
    In her favor though she is cute.
    A Beautiful Dreamer. But please do not vote her into local public office.

    1. No worries. Ben Pingree of PLACE and Blueprint can probably assist with her campaign. Maybe even campaign manager or treasurer..

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