BREAKING: Another $50K from California Targets City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox

BREAKING: Another $50K from California Targets City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox

Campaign filings submitted this past Friday, show political groups that are targeting Tallahassee City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox received another injection of campaign funds from the the California group called the Green Advocacy Project.

The Green Advocacy Project is a progressive group based in Palo Alto, California.

Florida Division of Elections records show that the Florida Young Democrats PAC received a $50,000 donation from the Green Advocacy Project on 8/9/2022.

The Florida Division of Elections records also show that the Florida Young Democrats PAC, on 8/15/2022, gave $33,750 to Say No 2 Doak and $10,000 to THG Consulting.

Both groups are controlled by Max Herrle.

TR recently reported about a $50,000 donation by the Green Advocacy Project made to the Florida Young Democrats on 7/17/2022. The distribution of funds followed the same pattern as this recent donation.

TR has reported on mailers financed by Say No 2 Doak specifically targeting Dianne Williams-Cox. See links below.

County Commissioner Brian Welch Refutes “Say No 2 Doak” Claim About Increase in Killearn Estates Traffic

Say No 2 Doak PAC Ties Abortion, Drug Legalization to City Commission Races – Tallahassee Reports

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

39 Responses to "BREAKING: Another $50K from California Targets City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox"

  1. Bellamy is the biggest scam the establishment has ever tried to pull on Republicans… except for maybe Dianne.

    Both voted for John Dailey’s 2020 property tax increase!

  2. Why would you vote for someone like Dailey who put their thumb on the scale for the CSC slush fund director… she could be indicted any moment, she gives our taxpayer dollars to the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce that was supposed to go to children… yet just one example of corruption. Yes, that is corruption.

    Voting for the $27 million dollar Doak giveaway, yet another example of corruption.

    Welaunee… another example of corruption.

    Misusing his office for PR stunts and misusing WCOT for campaign publicity.

    Lack of transparency.. corruption.

    It goes on and on and on… vote out the corruption…

    VOTE OUT DAILEY AND Dianne Williams-Cox!

  3. Nothing irks a Marxist more than being called out and exposed for what they truly are. They often retort with baseless and slanderous attacks, and then follow with classic Alinsky Projection. As for me and mine, we’ve already voted to block the Marxist Trio of Tyranny. We only hope and pray that the majority of Tallahassee voters see the danger and malicious intent of these Marxist malcontents, and do the same.

  4. Keep California politics out of Tallahassee!

    Defeat Jeremy Matlow
    VOTE for David Bellamy

    Defeat Adner Marcelin
    VOTE for Dianne Williams-Cox

  5. @ Barb Marxist

    Bless your heart.

    Do you pay attention to anything going on around you? That was rhetorical please don’t respond.

  6. The division here, as in the country, is not between men and women. The division is between patriots and destructive progressives.

  7. @ Edward… the Real Marxist…

    Your mentality is voting for sewage, raw sewage, in bed with developers who received the largest fine for permitting issues that could have catastrophic events on public safety.

    You are voting for people who gave away our infrastructure tax dollars to their special interests at the expense of our hard-working tax paying citizens who deserve a return on their investment.

    Everything you are accusing the other side of doing your side did. You are a snob you are a bully and you are not a Christian.

    You still have made no rational case only a made-up hysterical ridiculous nonsense gibberish.

    Again, I vote for people who are fiscally responsible and know right from wrong.

    That’s why I’m voting for Jeremy Matlow and Kristen Dozier, Adner Marcelin… and I have already furnished the rest of my endorsements.

    We have a Republican governor and the red tsunami quite frankly is coming and we will have Republicans in our local government. The choices I have made are because I support Republicans; and Jeremy Matlow and Kristen Dozier will work better with Republicans. With Mayor Dailey it will be a constant dailey campaign 24/7 for his next election and using our tax dollars at the expense of our citizens to run a 24/7 campaign.

  8. For me and mine, it’s not about praising the likes of Daily and Williams-Cox for their stellar performance. Neither the Mayor nor the current Commissioners rank high on the fiscal or social conservative chart. They’ve all wasted taxpayer time, money, and resources on feckless ideology-based resolutions in an effort to score agenda points for their political Party masters. Don’t forget that it was the current Commissioners, save for Porter, who secretly voted (out of the Sunshine) to allocate taxpayer funds to paint a giant “Marxists Welcome” sign in the middle of the City because a career criminal and drug addict OD’d and died while in the custody of Law Enforcement for committing yet another crime.

    However, seeing the unprecedented move by the two Marxists on the Commission (Jeremy and Jack) – in collusion with the west coast Marxists and outside bundled dark money – to target a City Commission colleague in order to transition the Commission into a Marxist Majority Rule… is all we needed to guide our votes. We voted for Daily, Bellamy, and Williams-Cox – not because they are accomplished, pragmatic, or conservative public servants… but simply to block the Marxists from achieving their mission of Marxist mayhem, and thus transitioning our fair City into a progressive cesspool akin to Chicago, LA, San Fran, Baltimore, New Your, et al…

    If the Marxists are successful in their quest to conquer… we will experience the very rapid social, cultural, and fiscal decline of Tallahassee.

  9. @ Pat A,

    Ricky’s is on my bucket list! And you are correct I don’t want a doctor with two part-time jobs. I also found it disturbing the way the “doctor” ran a campaign.

    @ Publius,

    There are too many sewage spills and too many permit issues too many sewage issues under this mayor and city manager.

    Water quality is not on the mayor’s radar screen. Water quality is not a progressive issue. We are one step away from being a third world city if Mayor Dailey continues. You could wake up one morning and sewage will be floating in your yard or coming out of your faucets. You need to wake up.

    In this race it is Democrats versus Democrats and Jeremy Matlow is the conservative Democrat as far as his voting, actions, his plan, platform and issues.

    Jeremy Matlow doesn’t run his campaign 24/7 and misuse his office like the mayor does. I am a conservative and a Republican and I am voting for Jeremy Matlow.

    And if all you men want to beat up on a me do you think that is going to make your candidate look any bette,r you are only making my case. I wonder how you treat your wife or significant other.

    You have yet to say why you’re voting for the mayor because he has no accomplishments, platform, or plan.

    Disparaging me only makes my case. Deflection is not a reason to vote for someone.

    As a conservative Christian Republican I am voting for Jeremy Matlow and Kristen Dozier.

  10. With Progressives and Liberal Democrats, things will have to get a lot worse before the consequences of their actions starts to sink into their tiny brains. And, I blame their poor performance during their school years combined with the dumbing down of college curriculums for their rise to power. On youtube search “Fleccas Talks” and you will discover that today’s youth cannot answer simple questions such as what two countries does the United States border, when did the War of 1812 occur and who fought in the Civil War.

    Seriously, do you really want a Doctor, who has two parttime jobs, working on you? Not me. During an operations, the last thing I want is my doctor worrying about how he will make his house payment. How about all the attorneys in our local government and working as judges that couldn’t make it in the private sector. First off, graduating from FSU law isn’t much of a challenge, anymore. IMO, there isn’t much difference between the candidates and the direction the community goes will pretty much be the same. On the bright side, liberals and progressive will not be able to totally destroy the country in my lifetime.

    In Nevada, you can minor in LQQTB+-+ studies. Good luck paying off your student loans with that. In Virginia, a college is calling for the removal of Thomas Jefferson Statue/Monument. It is stupidity on full display.

    So do yourself a favor, take a week off from the news. Go to Rickey’s in Bainbridge, Georgia for lunch. And ignore the direction the whole country is going. Sooner or later, more than likely later, the Libs will discover you cannot throw money at poverty and homelessness. Stupid is as Stupid does.

    In the TLH Mayor race, saying one candidate is better than the other is like saying the Box Turtle is faster than the Snapping Turtle.

  11. @Hope: Yes, we have sewage spill issues, especially, where they end up in storm water ditches and into our lakes and ponds causing issues that have recently been discussed at Lake Munson. Don’t get the sewage issues confused with storm water pond issues confused. If anything, call for testing of storm water ponds before and after water enters a stormwater pond. Unbelievably this is not being done by the city’s Underground Utilities Dept. Why?

    Secondly, where are all the contaminants coming from going into these ditches, ponds and lakes like Lafayette, Jackson, and Munson? PCB’s were detected at the Cascades Park and that turned into a Super Fund site. Elberta Crate Pond had a company there making crates and PCB’s were part of the process, along with other areas around town. Where are all these contaminants coming from? That’s what you and the public should be asking –

  12. We all need to pitch in to by Hope a dictionary so she can actually look up all of the words she’s using and see what they really mean. Y’all have a good night.

  13. Hope, I am not AKA Fed up. Your comments used to be somewhat on point, but lately you have gone off the rails with inaccuracies and misleading statements. Reply if you wish but I won’t, I have better things to do with my time, like cleaning up a sewage spill in my back yard, caused by my dog. Will you blame some elected official for that too?

  14. @ Publius,

    And a second fine the largest in history $112,000. The Ghazvini engineers messed up. November 1st 2018

    “The Northwest Florida Water Management District issued the largest fine in its history to the developers of Canopy at Welaunee.”

    Tallahassee Democrat 

  15. Centerville at McLaughlin is not in Welaunee. Tamarind Drive is not in Welaunee. You are the one who said it was “in Welaunee”.

  16. @ Publius,

    “The builder of Canopy at Welaunee has agreed to pay $85,000 to settle a Florida Department of Environmental Protection lawsuit”

    Tallahassee Democrat July 13, 2019

  17. @ Publius


    And yet another one in 2018.

    “Approximately 100,000 gallons of wastewater was discharged between 4:35 p.m., when the pipe burst at Pump Station 84 at the intersection of Centerville Road and McLaughlin Drive, and 6 p.m. when the overflow was stopped.”

  18. @Hope- nope, no sign of massive sewage spill at Canopy- not to say there isnt one way off the developed areas.

    Hope, calling everyone who disagres with you Marxist just shows you have no idea what Marxism is. Suggest you take an extended vacation over in Europe.

    Also, read up on Cultural Marxism which started in the 1920’s when communists found they could not militarily conquer the US. So, university types from Europe came over to US universities and decided “let’s turn the US upside down against each other based on themes of sex, race, cultural differences, etc. And, let’s include violence like we did in Europe”, so we saw the 60’s and 2020, 2016, and other summers of violence leading mostly up to elections (Marxists love violent overthrows of elections and governments).

    So Hope, in a nutshell, go travel some and do a bunch of studying.

  19. The pretzels some of yall are in convincing yourselves that Dianne Williams-Cox is good for conservatives in the Northeast… pretty funny. MSNBC blue meat Kamalacrat who voted for bad giveaways including Doak, flip-flopped on Welaunee, and publicly endorsed a property tax increase in 2020.

  20. Fed Up, thank you for that info. I am very aware of the conditions you refer to. I do not consider this a “sewage spill” and others should not refer to it as such, it’s a crappy slur in an attempt to sling mud. Mark.

  21. If California money is against Williams Cox that means all of Tallahassee should vote for Williams Cox.
    Even if you are shilling for the wokesters for free pizza Matlow and crew wont know you voted for Williams Cox.

  22. Mark, There was no sewage spill at Welaunee, it was overflow from the retention pond off of Fleischman after excessive rain. It happened in 2018. They have increased the capacity of the pond. Do an internet search on Welaunee storm water and you can find several articles.

  23. Hope, or anyone, can you direct me to where I can learn more about the “sewage spill” you keep referring to. This may affect me and I would like to know about it, Thanks.

  24. Bellamy has a history of donating money to Republicans because he was told to by his rich Florida Medical Association friends. He confessed it to the media.
    He will be too busy playing surgeon, and part time cop to think independently and represent us taxpayers. He won’t listen to taxpayers and do what we tell him, he owes everything to the Chamber of Commerce and rich developers.

  25. And lets not forget, when Dailey and Williams-Cox don’t feel like discussing ethics reform at a commission meeting, the way we majority of taxpayers want them to, they simply but slimily call to end the meeting early. They especially enjoy doing that when Matlow and Porter begin addressing it. Informed taxpayers will refuse to be silenced like Dailey and Diane W-C gleefully do to us – vote ’em out.

  26. @ Rusty,,, Indeed he/she/whatever does protest too much… they say guilt will do that to a person. I wonder how much of the west coast Marxist bundled dark money is going toward paying these Marxist trolls.

    This is an important Election folks… please vote to protect our future, our Freedom, our Liberty, our property rights, our inalienable rights, our hard-earned tax dollars, our families, and especially our children from the destructive Marxist forces waging war against truth, justice, and the American way.

  27. As I’ve stated before… The incumbents are certainly not my cup of tea, and I look to the future for a better offering of options to bring a more balanced representation on our City Commissioner and Mayor’s offices. However, if the Marxists – funded by lots of outside “bundled” dark money – are successful in their orchestrated and organized quest to take control of our fair City via our City Government, we will all suffer the consequences of apathy.

    We Conservatives – as well as Republicans, Independents, and NPA’s alike – do indeed have a duty and option here… and that is to block the Marxists from achieving their damaging, divisive, and dangerous quest of tranny over our City, local Governments, and ultimately We The People.

    This is an important Election folks… please vote to protect our future, our Freedom, our Liberty, our property rights, our inalienable rights, our hard-earned tax dollars, our families, and especially our children from the destructive Marxist forces waging war against truth, justice, and the American way.

  28. @ Justin…

    Enjoy your Buffalo Pool Party which is so nice of you to sponsor. Say hi to Mayor DAILEY and Dianne.

    What is your next development, SoMo? Will there be more sewage spills? More fines from the FDEP?

    BTW, no “outside forces” it’s the local “bundlers” such as yourself who are stealing from the taxpayers by corrupt elected officials kowtowing to your special interests and not the taxpayers.

    Hope you brought your goggles for the pool, maybe it will make you see more clearly.

  29. @ Barb..

    Why would anyone vote for Bellamy who pretends to be a Republican one day and a Democrat the next? He has put forth no plan, platform, or accomplishment… same for Mayor Failey, and Dianne Williams-Cox.

    Their only accomplishment is taking money in “bundled contributions” and putting special interests before the needs of taxpayers. Remember that $27 million giveaway?

  30. Don’t let progressives in California bring their progressive politics to Tallahassee. They have ruined California and, if we let them, they will ruin Tallahassee.

    Do NOT vote for the Tallahassee (AOC look-alike) squad recruited candidate and Ben Crump endorsed candidate Adner Marcelin. DO vote for Dianne Williams-Cox.

    Do NOT vote for the Jeremy Matlow/Andrew Gillum/Ben Crump team.
    DO vote for David Bellamy.

  31. Breaking… Dianne’s campaign is more than 65% funded by developers she voted to give taxpayer CRA and Blueprint funds to.

    TR’s turn from news to campaign spin is bad news for us readers and his candidates who will lose like Maddox, Bellamy, Dianne and probably John are about to.

    Huge donations to Governance, Inc. lobbyist/Dem insider Reggie Cardozo’s pro-Bellamy, pro-Dailey PAC, more than $100,00 to influence elections for insiders,,, nary a word about it in TR.

  32. Vote for DWC and keep the wacky progressive loons from ruling Tallahassee..Just say no to Jack..Jeremy..Abner and Max and their shady California Financiers unless you want to live in another version of Portland..Seattle or San Francisco!

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