The Budget Shortfall – Revenue Options

The recent revelation that the City of Tallahassee has a budget shortfall of approximately $7 million for the upcoming fiscal year has started a debate on how to best deal with this issue. Should the city commission raise taxes, cut services, or implement some combination of both? In this article, Tallahassee Reports looks into one side […]

Alternative Energy – Where Are the Jobs?

As alternative energy moves to the forefront of the energy policy debate, the fight over whose energy preferences will be implemented has begun. In Florida, two “brands” of alternative energy – biomass and solar – are vying to become a part of Florida’s energy future. The City of Gainesville is building a 100MW biomass plant and Florida Power and Light […]

The Delivery of Alternative Energy – The Next Great Debate

The pursuit of alternative energy as a source for our power needs has clearly become an important public policy issue. Despite the contentious global warming debate, most people would agree that – all other things being equal – it would be beneficial to get all of our energy from environmentally clean sources. But here lies the problem, all things are not equal. Alternative energy has not […]

The Carbon Footprint Numbers

With all the talk about carbon footprint, and with the City of Tallahassee moving aggressively toward reducing our already low carbon footprint through energy conservation, it is time to define carbon footprint in terms everyone can understand.  First, we have reported here that due to the use of natural gas we have one of the lowest […]