COT Electric Rates Trending Downward

A Tallahassee Reports comparison of electric rates over the last three years shows COT electric rates have decreased more than any other of the seven utilities included in the comparison group. Using data from the Florida Municipal Electric Association for December, 2008, December 2009, and December 2010, Tallahassee Reports compared monthly residential rates for 1000 […]

City Utility Committee Will Report To City Manager

AfterĀ a year without bylaws, The City of Tallahassee Citizen Advisory Committee for UtilitiesĀ codified their mission and elected a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. The final result is that all 15 members will be appointed by the City Manager, Anita Favors-Thompson, and the committee will “act as an advisory board to the City Manager.” The head of […]

Atlanta-Based COT Vendor Turned Down By Feds Seven Times in Two Years

The Atlanta-based Alliance for Digital Equality (ADE), the vendor that is paying Mayor John Marks approximately $20,000 a year and was included in a City of Tallahassee (COT) federal grant application, has had little luck in securing federal grant monies in the past. However, sources from inside the city tell Tallahassee Reports that one of […]